Review of "Brave"


Downsized Part 2: 2008 Not Starbucks Material

In January of 2008, we announced to our family and friends that I was pregnant again.  We were excited to welcome a new baby into the family and were still hopeful and determined to catch up on any missed mortgage payments.  My husband and I continued to look for work, without success.  So we started up a business for ourselves, doing some remodeling, clean-up and repair for rental properties.  My husband of course did all the hard labor, and I handled the office work.  We were able to keep afloat for a little while, at least paying for the home we were living in.&n...more

Downsized Part 1: 2006-2007 Starting a New Life

2006 for me, was a time of excitement.  I was pregnant with my first son, Jesse, and I couln't wait to begin this new life.  I was working as a fingerprint examiner and my husband was a real estate investor.  Things were looking good and the future seemed bright.  My husband had been successful in real estate investments in the past and he thought that this was the time to buy.  He had to put down atleast 10% on every property that was purchased, but his buying power was growing.  By the beginning of 2007, he had purchased 26 properties, from all over the Unite...more