Michele Obama Isn't Talking To You Or Your Boobs

When Michele Obama recommends breastfeeding, which, by the way, every health organization does already, she isn't talking to educated women in the cities and the suburbs who already know about the issue.She isn't talking to women who have tried and failed.  She isn't trying to find another way to add financial burden to the government and support the breast pump industry....more

Are your virtual friends real? Your real friends virtual?

This post will not apply to half of you.  Maybe most of you.  My readers who are my friends by virtue of blood or physical proximity at some point in our lives may not be familiar with the virtual blogging realm in which you are dipping your toes by reading a blog like this.  While to you it is a public diary, a fun place to catch with your old pal “Ali” or “Alicia” (depending on which period of life you met me in, pre-fall 2004 or post),  to the rest of the readers this is my contribution to the semi-hobby craft of blogging, on display in a wide and far reaching...more

Merging Accounts: Codependency as the key to financial Independence

We’re taking that ultimate step of commitment, Mi Amor and I; We’re combining our bank accounts.  It’s not something I had thought to do earlier.  It is something specifically I had  thought not to do.  Sure, we joined a family telephone plan after dating two months–that much was easy ’cause you get a discount.  But combining all income and all bills?...more