My Blog Changed My Life

Three times in the last two weeks, someone has told me they are proud of me for starting and sticking with my blog. You have no idea how much this means to me, as I have often wrestled with the demons inside my head, who tell me I am never good enough. ...more


Thank you so much for your kind words! By the way, I love your blog! ...more

Kids' Birthday Parties and Food Allergies

At the grocery store the other day, I overheard a woman talking with another woman about her child's upcoming birthday party. She rambled on about how difficult it would be to accommodate one of the children coming to the birthday party, who was on a gluten-free diet. She complained that she wished that they had not invited the child, since it would be "such a pain" to accommodate their dietary needs. ...more
"She rambled on about how difficult it would be to accommodate one of the children coming to the ...more

I've Become My Parents/Swallowing That Pill

Sometimes parenting is hard.  Really hard.  Really, really hard.  Today my son had to swallow a huge bitter pill, one that I gave him.  One that my own mother and father gave to me as a teenager...several times. One that, now, I finally realize, they also had to swallow. ...more

You wake him up, make him breakfast and put out his clothes for him? DUDE. I grew up in the ...more

Pfeffernusse Creme Brulee


Your To-Do List for Getting Ready for the Holidays

I have been doing the "Thanksgiving thing" since college.  It started my freshman year.  I was part of a group of very close friends who did everything together.  We were going home to our own families for the holiday, so decided to have a Thanksgiving before we left, so we could have our own holiday together.  I, along with my friend Karen, made the Thanksgiving meal:  a real turkey (at least 12 pounds because we had leftovers) , real stuffing (not stove top), real mashed potatoes (I have n...more

Apple-Cinnamon Phyllo Pillows

  I purchased about 20 pounds of apples for the kids halloween party this past weekend, ignorantly thinking that most kids would want a healthy break from all the candy.  ...more

Kerstens Meringue Cake (Marang Tarta)

  Normally I am not a fan of meringue.  Kersten, the delightful girlfriend of my uncle-in-law (Danny),  has forever changed my opinion.  While we were in Florida last week, Kersten (pronounced Share-stin) served this fo...more

Pumpkin Latte Granola

    I love this time of year-the leaves falling, pumpkins growing, and the crisp, cool smell of fall in the air.  [Sound of needle scratching across a record.]  Wait a minute…hold the phone...  I...more

But this sounds really yummy.

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Can Political Talk Be Considered Bullying

I have stated in the past that I would never discuss politics on A Little Bite of Life, but circumstances the past few days have caused me to change my thinking.  I am certain after reading this, that you will guess my political persuasion, and I am okay with that.   I am not my political party.  I am my own person with good and bad qualities, good and bad opinions.  I hope you will look at the whole picture.    There has been alot of talk in the media lately about harassment and bullying of children and young adults.  I won'...more

Image and Air Brushing: Beauty Inside

Do you want a super model or a role model for your kids?   Lots of people have debated the issue of body image and the message it sends to our children, particularly our daughters.  I agree.  But the issue here is more than just physical appearance.  I read an article today on the ongoing debate over models/actresses and the airbrushing of their photographs.  Apparently, most models feel airbrushing is unnecessary, while many...more