getting my leggings on

For another quick score, I sewed up my first try at the Style Arc Cassie Pant. Meant to be sewn from stretch woven, these are very slim pull-on pants with an elastic waist. Very fast. Very easy. Win! How about if I remove a boot? You can see the seams better! ...more

Team Spirit: The Olive Spliced Top

This is a potpourri of celebration, lucky breaks and serendipitous finds. - The Baltimore Ravens won a playoff game last weekend in a splendid & glorious fashion, so I need a legitimate outfit for Purple Fridays as my hometown team moves ahead. - I was so ready for an easy project! A knit top is always nice for quick gratification, isn’t it? - I had the perfect purple cotton knit with lycra – but only enough for a short sleeved ...more

how to: get sidetracked

An impulse decision to start a patchwork project took me on a familiar route towards a destination somewhere down in a rabbit hole. I am proud to say that I caught myself and solved the problem using a few mouse clicks and a quick decision to eat my words. I am now willing to cut up fabric just so I can sew it back together again ....more

GPOYW January 9, 2013

new shoes! Steve by Steeve Madden, so comfortable! Happy Wednesday! ...more

Spot the Mistake

To start off the new year right, my first sewing project is patchwork. I say patchwork because I am willing to sew the top of a quilt, but not so attracted to wrestling with layers of batting and all that. I have a whole year to put that part on the back burner, because I will be sewing a new block every month – as a student in Craftsy’s Block of the Month Quilting class ....more

silk dress: finished

Just as my photographer was headed out for a run, I slapped on some lipstick and asked for a fashion shoot. He obliged. I suppose we are total amateurs because most of the pictures came out blurry. But then, considering that I am a little mutton-dressed-as-lamb, I am quite OK with the softened effect.  You are welcome ....more

always the innovator

Raise your hand if you used computers in the 1980′s. I owned a Compaq 286 portable computer and it weighed 30 pounds. We called them luggable computers and it amused us at the time. I paid about $2,500 for that thing and I just loved it! ...more

for vintage pattern lovers!

Our friend, Denise Calhoun, runs the lovely online shop The Blue Gardenia and now is the time to get a deep discount during her annual sale ....more

that’s more like it

The desire to wear a splashy new dress for Christmas was not strong enough to motivate a late-night sewing session last week. You may recall that finishing the dress was totally do-able in time for Christmas if I hadn’t made the collar too small. My depleted supply of interfacing was soon replenished, but the collar was not sewn until my Yuletide Recovery was complete yesterday. Now the collar is sewn on and this is a little more of what I ...more

merry christmas

Dear Diary, I got up pretty early today to finish wrapping presents and to give myself a little me-time before the festivities commence. The meal was prepared in advance yesterday, as was the table setting. I made lamé table runners this year to match the white Christmas tree ....more