Teens with a Passion for Pinterest: A Good Thing?

Whenever a new social network becomes popular, teens usually help boost its popularity into the stratosphere, and suddenly we modern parents have something else to worry about.  First we had to learn about MySpace and "chat rooms", then we were attending school seminars about Facebook, then it was Twitter, and now...Pinterest?...more

What Do You Do When a Junior High Teacher Is a Porn Star?

Have you seen the story coming out of the Associated Press about the California junior high teacher thought to be moonlighting as a "hard-core" porn star? I have two teenagers, one in junior high and one in high school, and when I first heard this, I couldn't imagine what I'd do if this were one of their teachers. It was a bad judgment call on the teacher's part, no doubt. How long did she think, in this tech and media savvy world, she'd go unnoticed? I mean, I know teacher's salaries aren't what they should be, and many have to take on second jobs...but couldn't she have just gotten a job greeting customers at Bath and Body Works or selling Amway to make some extra cash?...more
The inevitable result of the Porn Star Teacher remaining in the classroom will be the further ...more

School "Welcome" Nights: Fooling Our Kids By Telling Them They Can "Do It All"

Have you had to take your child to a school welcome night yet? When they're transitioning from elementary school to junior high, or junior high to high school?...more

Get a Life, Million Moms-- Schweddy Balls is a Non-Issue

On the radio today while driving in my minvan, I heard that a few mostly East Coast supermarket chains have chosen to take the controversial ice cream flavor, "Schweddy Balls" by Ben & Jerry's, off their shelves because of pressure from a small but loud group who call themselves One Million Moms.  How sad...  But the real tragedy about this whole "Schweddy Balls" issue is not the knee-jerk reaction of the grocery executives or the product or its "controversial" name, it's that these supposedly "concerned" moms have put so much energy and so much of their precious, limited time...more

The Benefits of Dieting With Your Teenager

Recently my 16 1/2-year-old daughter and I embarked on the Atkins diet together....more

When Your Child's Email is Hacked: One Mom's Look Into the Evil World of Spamming

Have we become complacent with spam? Consider it just another "addition" from living in a high tech world that we have to learn to put up with, like unauthorized credit card charges that may never get prosecuted?...more

Wild About Harry: Why One Mom Is Thankful for a Decade of Potter Mania

While Harry Potter fans are mourning the end of the HP movie series this week with the premiere of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Pt. 2, I think we also ought to be thankful we got to experience it, and the books, in the first place....more

Forever 21 and its New Maternity Line (for teens?) is Giving Me Morning Sickness

Walking past my husband’s computer screen last night, which showed a page from CNN.com, I literally did a double take.  There was a photo of an in-store display at Forever 21 and an article announcing the chain’s introduction of a maternity line of “sophisticated styles for moms-to-be”.  Huh??...more

Let's All Sing-A-Long: Parents are "hopelessly forgetful" when it comes to movies, like Grease

The re-release of the movie, “Grease” in “Sing-A-Long” version this month has reminded me of something a parent recounted to me not long ago: She’d been all excited about showing her kids the original “Grease” but when she watched it with them, she was embarrassed that she’d forgotten about all the sexual references.  Oops. You can bet with the song lyrics now plastered onto it, it’s going to be even more embarrassing for forgetful parents!...more

Enjoyed this post. And enjoy that your name is Uncool Mom. I think I'm your twin.more

Sexism and the Barbecue: Who Says Moms Can't Grill, Too?

Is anybody tired of seeing all the Father's Day ads featuring grills, "male" barbecue aprons, smiling men in goofy chef's hats, etc? And the fact that there's never any images of women and grills in Mother's Day ads?  If I read my calendar correctly, Mother's Day falls near the beginning of grilling season, too...do most women really stay away from the grill?...more