You Get What You Get

Last weekend the husband and the kiddo had a date. He would kill me for saying that, he gets all weirded out when I call it a date. But that's what it was. A dad and his son, out on the town, living it up. McD's style. Playland, yo! Of course on this date, dinner was bought. Along with the ever popular, collectible Happy Meal toys. Can I just tell you how many of these things are lying around the house? Scattered under the couch. More likely than not, wedged in the couch cushions. Probably buried in the back of my car, plotting their revenge....more

It's the right time for a baby

We're trying for a second child. Have been for months now, close to a year. Trying but having zero success.I was recently diagnosed with PCOS. Which is not the worst thing in the world as far as infertility goes, but it does come with it's frustrations, medications and emotions. Lots and lots of emotions.But this post isn't about those frustrations. It's about innocent comments from strangers or acquaintances that can be so cutting and cruel to someone suffering from infertility....more

Dear Body: I Love You

Dear Body,I'm sorry.I'm sorry that I haven't treated you as I should. I'm sorry that I've blamed you for my sour mood. I'm sorry that I've fed you unhealthy foods or didn't feed you enough. I'm sorry that I expect you to be perfect and then get upset when you're not. I'm sorry that I take my anger, frustrations and sadness out on you.I'm sorry. And I love you....more

Stubborn Momma. Stubborn Child.

Last week I learned a very valuable lesson about parenting. Honestly, it was a valuable lesson about myself as well. Let me paint you a picture. My 2 year old son and I had just returned from a long and lovely stroll through the neighborhood. We both greatly enjoyed being outside on a cool end-of-summer day. Walking past the airport hoping to catch an airplane taking off. Finding trees with giant X’s painted no their trunks, waiting for their turn to be cut down. Finally, we returned home, happy, sweaty, and looking forward to a quick snack. That is, until…...more