My Little Light

"This little light of mine"  Grieving a child is not unlike mothering one.  It is an all consuming, never ending process.  However, rather than get to watch our child grow and make memories, we now must do that for them. "I'm gonna let it shine" The reality of their memory fading away is real and terrifying. The fact that they did live, that they did exist, that they mattered, is now your burden to carry forward.  It is a fight and for me almost an obsession. ...more
And it never will. That light is so real; it will lead you to a place where peace and wonder ...more

This shouldn't be happening..

Something has gone wrong.  Horribly wrong.  I should be looking at baby things. Soft, beautiful baby things.  Things with puppies and monkeys in pretty colors in soft fabrics that feel fuzzy and warm. Except I'm not. I'm looking at urns.  A fucking urn.  For a baby. MY baby.  Cold and hard things in metal and wood and marble.  This isn't right. This isn't fair. I hardly even had a chance to do those things. ...more
There are no words. In fact, there will be times when, although you know deep down people mean ...more