4 Steps to Starting Your Mom Home Business

 You have been dreaming about leaving your present job for a while now.  Every morning it gets harder and harder to leave your baby and trek into the city to work.  Yes, you love your job but now a baby is part of your life and  you just feel this need to stay home with him.But there is also this need to not give up your autonomy as a working woman either.  ...more

Do You Use Social Media as a Crutch?

As we head full steam into 2013 I can't help but wonder what this year will bring for women entrepreneurs online.  I see great hope and a lot of prosperity.  But I still worry that we may be headed down the wrong road.Women have embraced social media.  We use it for personal use as well as for our businesses.  Our businesses thrive because of the opportunity to reach our clients, customers and readers so quickly and inexpensively.  Social media has opened new horizons for women that they may have never gotten before....more

Building Your Community at Your Business Blog

Social media has quickly become the standard for helping small and WAHM businesses market themselves.  One can build communities and talk about their products all for free.But free is not always the best choice.  These free social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter can become unpopular with the masses.  They could close business.  Or they could close your account.  What would happen to that community you built up there?...more

Don't Be a Desperate WAHM

Working from home can be a lucritive business.  Whether you are selling make-up or jewelry or blogging online.  With a lot of time and knowledge any mom can be successful from home.Many moms find that having another mouth to feed can be very hard on their pocketbook.  This is when the desperation can set in.  They look for work off and online....more

How to Make Your Blog Post More Impressive

 Start with Great ContentAs bloggers we always hear to start with great content.  Sure we know this.  But how do you really get your visitors to come back to your blog and often?  You make each post simply impressive.Now the Rest...more

$38? I CAN Do Better Than That! Let's Reach Our Goals Together.

In light of my recent post here on Blogher, I thought it was unthoughtful and down right stupid to leave my fellow chicks here hanging with the thoughts that $38 is what I settled for.  NOPE!After writing that article I realized I need to step it up!  I reevaluated my position as a blogger, as an affiliate and as a woman trying to earn an income online....more

6 Months Later and $38 Richer

I blog.I love to blog.I blog about blogging, attempting to be a WAHM and Online Passive Income.I started back in September 2010 but really didn't pick up and become serious until January 2011, that is when I consider my start. My journey to $38. Six months ago....more

KDC- that is awesome! I forgot that a blog can be a platform for further career opportunities, ...more