Guest Post: Business Trip from Hell

As some of you may know, I offer up the blog to guest posters when they have something to say. Today’s poster has requested to remain anonymous, and who can blame her. It bears emphasizing that this post was not written by me…and I’m not mentioned in it! ...more

Oh, Hai!

Hey, gang! Been a while, hasn’t it? I wanted to share a little note I found on the computer this afternoon: DEAR MOM I THINK YOU ARE THE PREITYIST WOMAN IN THE WORLD AND THE BEST MOMMY EVER.LOVE [JUNIOR VOX] I love that little kid ....more

Sleep Troubles

You may remember that I complained of restless leg syndrome a few months ago. I talked to my doctor about it, she adjusted my medication a little bit (the one for anxiety), and the RLS went away for a while. In the meantime, she gave me a referral to go have a sleep study done. Since my legs and feet started bothering me again, I went and did the sleep study ....more

Settled In

Our most recently adopted dog, Rocket, is doing just fine. He and Junior Vox are quite happy in each other’s company. ...more


Hey, y’all. I’m alive out here in blog land, but as you may have gathered, not terribly motivated to update. I’m not sure what the slump is all about–maybe this blog is going the way of the dodo. But I have a few things to say yet, so this is not the end! ...more

DIY Antler Chews

Since we live in Idaho and spend a fair amount of time in the woods, and since Mr. Vox has been known to hunt deer in the fall, we end up with antlers around the house. (I have to confess, I have no idea why Idaho men seem to want to pick up antlers and bring them home. What for?) ...more

Cleaning Tips

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I have a really hard time keeping my floors clean this time of year. It rains, the dogs track in mud even though we usually wipe off their feet, and then the shedding never ends. I could sweep the floor two or three times a day and not keep up with the hair, and I could mop every day, but it’d just be dirty again as soon as the dogs came ...more

Still Here

Hey, gang! I’m still out here, but haven’t had much to talk about since we got back. I’ve been busy with getting some meetings organized, so that’s got me with my head buried in papers at work. The dogs are well, the kid is well, the husband is well. I hope you’re all well, too! ...more

Quick Spring Break Getaway

A month or so ago, Mr. Vox and I decided we really couldn’t stand the thought of not doing anything over spring break, so we started thinking about what was nearby and somewhat cheap. Since we live in Boise, which (according to Outside magazine) is the most remote urban area in the Lower 48 states, “nearby” is a very relative term. We go to Bend, Oregon a fair amount, and the weather there can be a little sketchy this time ...more

A Little Snippy

Care to guess what this is? You’ve probably already figured it out, but here’s the full picture, as it were: ...more