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I’ve never been an overly spiritual person. I was raised Catholic, but even as a kid I remember staring up at the priest and thinking “Who does this guy think he is telling me how I should live my life?” I’ve never been one to feel pressured by “shoulds” and expectations. ...more

Ten things I know for sure

The older I get, the less I seem to know. But after 35 years of bumps and bruises, laughter and love, there are ten things that I know for sure. ...more

No, I'm sorry, your intolerance isn't "different"

This has been a weird few weeks for me....more

The lost art of manners

One day, I was working about an hour away from home. On my return trip, I came upon a fatal accident that had just occurred. The highway was immediately closed. After a long wait, they eventually re-routed us, and due to the addition of rush hour traffic, we ended up in a traffic jam like none I have ever seen. I waited in four kilometers of traffic for over an hour, only to be turned around and wait in four more.This was just to get to an exit....more

It's a dog's life-watching your best friend grow old

She sleeps a little longer and a little more deeply. She snores and dreams so richly that she wakes herself up barking, only to look sheepish when she realizes she was dreaming. When I'm sitting still she cuddles in a little closer, looks for a little more love. My puppy isn't a puppy anymore. I remember when I brought Shy home. I had spent six months recovering from losing my previous dog, Pru, to cancer. She was a beautiful, loyal Staffie, and losing her crushed me. ...more
Very nice post. I can totally relate to the emotions you go through in watching your dog get ...more

Curing the hate flu

One day last winter I stopped at a drug store. It was early morning.   The cashier was the only one working, moving slowly. The man in front of me was getting increasingly irritated and the line was getting increasingly longer. As tension built, the cashier fumbled even more. When the man got to the cashier, he began to tell her off as she rang in his purchase....more

Why I struggle with some peoples ideas of feminism...

I recently had a rather animated chat with a friend about Sara Palin's Alaska television series. I said that I didn't really mind it and, politics aside, I'd love to be able to do the sort of things she gets to do in the beautiful outdoors that Alaska provides. My friend said that she hated the show and that Sara set feminism back fifty years. It got me thinking about a subject that I have struggled with when it comes to some peoples ideas of feminism. Not everyone's mind you, but its an argument I seem to hear a lot....more

Thanks for that great post! While Sarah displays non-traditional behaviors in her personal life, ...more