How you benefit everyday from ‘being stupid’ in the past

Even long after you've forgiven yourself for past mistakes they may still pop into your mind now and again as you find yourself thinking “boy was I stupid”. ...more

How to stop bad moods before they take hold

You can learn how to snap out of a super bad mood and change your state. It takes a bit of practice and an ounce of self growth, but you can learn to master your moods. When you drift into a bad mood don’t forget you are also drifting into a much lower energy vibration. Call it hormones, call it being stuck in traffic, or call it dropping a kilo of yogurt all over the kitchen floor – it can be overcome. ...more

My experience of quitting swearing

For those of you trying to raise your vibration, you may notice you need to clean up a few of your personal habits for that level to keep rising. I decided I wanted to stop swearing so much. I went to a very small primary school, where nobody dared use the F-word – it just wasn’t done. When I got to high school, it was apparently really cool to use it constantly in everyday speech. I distinctly remember the transition of letting it slowly work its way in to my vocabulary once I started in third form. ...more

What causes emotional immaturity?

Emotionally immature people are those that haven’t moved onto adult ways of thinking and behaving. They seem to be trapped in a childish mentality but don’t (and probably never will) realize it. It can be a 50, 80, 28 or 35 year old - male or female. It is not a problem confined to one specific age group or gender. ...more
Old article but still spot on. Made the mistake of marrying a woman like this. She is 30 with a ...more

Surprising changes I’ve noticed as I raise my energy vibration

I wrote a piece recently about raising your ‘energy vibration’. As I personally get further down the track of doing this myself I have noticed three changes that have taken place very naturally – but they still managed to surprise me. ...more

What staff love in a boss…

Big EarsBosses need seriously big ears. There was once a politician that had really big ears, so he decided to use it in his campaigning. He had billboards with his hands behind his ears and the caption “I’m all ears” – priceless! Great bosses listen to their staff publicly, privately and officially (through staff surveys). High energy thinking ...more

How to be disciplined about anything

Although some may assume the opposite to be true discipline is actually freedom. The more disciplined you are the easier it is to stay that way. Stephen Covey said “the undisciplined are slaves to moods, appetites and passions”. Self-discipline is dependent on the courage to go against your moods, appetites and passions. ...more

Don’t try and solve other people’s problems

We all have different measures of happiness, different values, different ways of living and different expectations. How we see another’s life is not necessary how they see it. Sometimes we can be a little too kind and try to be a little too helpful. When friends tell us they want to quit smoking, lose weight or get a new job it can sometimes be tempting to get more involved than we should be. Perhaps you decide to be a fabulous friend and ring the ‘quit line’ for them to get an info pack or you compile jobs you cut out of the newspaper that may interest them. ...more