Going all natural on oral care and adding soap into the equation

Been very very busy lately. It started with a visti to the dentist who told me I'm getting long in the tooth... sign of aging. I went home, really upset on my store bought oral care products.  (plenty of them.. . talking a lot of shelf space). I've recalled how my grandmother brushed her teeth with ashes from the fireplace and she never saw a dentist, nor did she have a cavity in her entire life. ...more

Dreading the upcoming Holiday Season

Here it comes, that time of the year again when my kids have already started to write infinite letters to Santa with immesely unreasonable demands, dropping hints every step they take about how much they'd want this and that... ...more

Creating rainbows with the kids - a few hours of wonder with light and color

A few days ago, after a small storm, we noticed a magnificent rainbow in the sky that promped my kids' enquiring minds.Soon after, they started throwing questions at me:what is that? where is it? why is it there? can we make one?... and also many smart observations:this is not a rainbow because you only see the red, yellow and green ... some colors are missing!....more

How to get and stay slim without punishing the self with calorie counting and restrictive diets

I am 38 years old and I didn't go on a diet for 8 years now. Unless you can call what I am on at the moment a diet. It is a healthy diet, but by no means requires me to count calories and restrict certain kind of foods, or cut down on sugar or butter. Practically, I eat anything I like including doughnuts. Certainly I eat the healthy stuff as well, plenty of vegetables smothered in butter or gravy and plenty of fruit dipped in whipped cream mostly. And yet, although I used to have a tendency to store quite a lot of body fat, I finally found the perfect diet....more

Flour Free Cocoa Rich Chocolate Cake Recipe

Hey, Here's my first blog post: As I just finished my super delicious and scrumptious gluten free ( flourless) chocolate and cocoa nibs cake I made earlier today and I've got nothing else more exciting to share with you at this moment, I shall share the recipe....more