Miley Cyrus' Parents Join the Pimp My Kid Club

Miley Cyrus:  She’s 16 years-old and all sexed up.  Miley Cyrus is the cover story for August Elle Magazine.  We’ve seen it happen over and over again.  Britney Spears.  Lindsay Lohan.  Disney stars gone bad… one reason:  their parents sold them out. ...more

Tween Girls Speak Up about Gay Rights, Teen Pregnancy and Homelessness

The first ever National Tween Girl Summit will be held in Washington, DC on October 10, 2009.  300 girls, ages 9-14,  will have a platform - their platform -  to speak up and be heard.  If you think Jonas Brothers, clothes and boys are the only things that are important to tween girls, think again.  We asked tween girls what they want to cover at the Summit… what they have to say isn’t kid stuff: ...more

Palin: Abstinence Is/Is Not The Answer

There’s a lot of fuss and TV coverage (Today Show, GMA) about Bristol Palin… she’s the new teen ambassador for the Candie’s Foundation, an organization dedicated to preventing teen pregnancy through abstinence.  Bristol is the 18-year-old daughter of Governor Sarah Palin.  And surprise… most of the fuss is about Bristol contradicting herself  (Katie Couric was nowhere close to this one).  As the Candie’s ambassador, she is promoting abstinence.  But in an ...more

Tween Girls Say #1 Fear is Parents Will Die

“Afraid My Parent(s) Will Die” is the Number 1 Fear of tween girls, based on results from a new poll ... (239 girls ages 9-15 years old,  93% are 10-14). TOP 3 from the Girls' "Scares Me" List:    79% are scared of their parents dying 75% are afraid of being raped 74% are scared of being kidnapped ...more