October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Breast Cancer Awareness Giveway starts NOW!...more

New: Caribbean Children’s Short Story

Well I finally did it.  I completed my first short story for children. I’ve been brainstorming the idea for months now, but I tell you, it’s hard to get into that KID mode when you’ve been writing adult fictions for years.  You see, I’ve been nostalgic for my younger years in Trinidad; reading stories about our local ‘adventures’.  I love to buy and collect books and my mom thinks I was crazy buying up books I used to read in Trinidad on our last visit to Barbados some years ago.  Reading those books and listening to Retro Soca brings me back to my life in Trinidad....more


I just had a major flashback. I've been referring to a book entitled: Cote-ci, Cote-la - Trinidad and Tobago Dictionary. I purchased this book at one of my visits to my home, knowing that it would be needed for future references, which was also why I brought it over to Germany.Looking through the book for spelling and meaning of words I remembered speaking (my patois), I remember one word that wasn't even in the book.MEHGGIE!...more

How Song Titles Affect My Writing....II

CHAINED & BOUND by OTIS REDDING I first heard this song on a local radio station in Fayetteville, NC. After hearing it for days on end, the station switch hands and I heard the song no more. The lyrics spoke to me when I was finishing my first published novel under the same name. I had a different title for this book, but Chained & Bound seemed more appropriate. Meet Maxine and Paul, 2008. ABC...more


(A short story taken from my novel, In Good Company. Written in Patois) One late night when de moon was full an’ bright, ah was walking in de back roads ah Cocorite Village near de Calabash Alley. Ah jus’ come from de bar wey all meh friends was limin’ an’ causin’ ruction. Ah know ah was drunk as hell, an’ meh steps nuh eh time, buh ah still know wey ah was goin’. Ah walk, an’ walk, an’ walk, until ah reach near ah forest. Buh me eh t’ink nuthin’ cause ah does walk dey ...more

Ok just so I just finished reading the story and I'm more

How Song Titles Affect My Writing....I

CLOSER by GOAPELEI felt like I had dreams to accomplish and this was my mantra. "I'm getting higher and higher....Closer to my dreams."After 2007, stepping out on faith by obtaining my first set of business cards, I was determined to "Make It Happen". Listening to this song and adding it to my profile was my theme song for the year....more

I believe the power of ...more

New Project: 'I'M A SURVIVOR'!

I have been scouting around trying to find a way to get this project off the ground, and so instead of waiting on approval, I want to get my part off the ground. I am looking for 'models' who are interested in taking part of a Breast Cancer project called ~ 'I'm A Survivor'. Here is the info. Include a picture of yourself along with a 50-word story of someone you know who is a Breast Cancer Survivor. Say who they are to you, their survival story, how you supported them, a message to those who are suffering with...more

Photography Exhibits

'Cumana Beach' - October 2007, Cape Fear Studios, Fayetteville, North CarolinaThis piece is very sentimental to me in a few ways.Firstly, it was a spot where my mom and her family and then my brother and I played and swarm in the sea when we use to live in Trinidad. It is located at the Northeast of Trinidad, the very tip where the waters connect you to our sister island, Tobago. My relatives still live in that area. ...more