Trick of Drink? Is This the new way to Halloween?

Did you survive Halloween and trick or treating last night? I made it through the night by the skin of my teeth since I had a migraine from hell. Despite the pain, I was able to have a good time and enjoy our traditions. I always made eyeball casserole for dinner and then we go trick or treating in the neighborhood....more

Why I'd Never Get a Second Park Date

20 Date Night at Home Ideas

Every expert, pastor, rabbi, therapist, or this big mouthed blogger will tell you that date nights are essential to long and happy marriage. Brett and I committed to having a weekly date night when our twins were born almost 4 years ago. A family of 5 living on one income CANNOT afford to go out on a date every week. It's just not going to happen! The cost of the babysitter alone puts it out of the budget for us. To get around this, we decided to create date night at home! ...more
You have excellent timing. I just got a big honking bill (which I did not expect to get until ...more