No Way to Win This One

What better way to spend a 3 day weekend than with two sick kids right? Here in Lowell, Labor Day weekend is the biggest celebration in town. Are we out enjoying all the festivities? Nope, of course not. I'm sitting around in a pair of workout pants (that haven't really seen any working out) and a t-shirt dusted in pancake mix instead....more

Would it Kill People to be Nice?

It amazes me that in this day and age that there are still crappy customer service agents out there! I find it hard to believe that there aren't nice people out there who need a job and would love to get paid to talk to people....more

Day 1 Down - 29 To Go

After James left for work at 5am this morning I started 30 Day Shred. Yes, I know I purchased it Friday, but I may have failed to mention that I am a Class A procrastinator at times. Not to mention the fact that I don't particular want people watching me jump around the living room like a spastic Weeble. And believe me, with my glorious lack of flexibility, I certainly looked like one....more

I'm Claiming Temporary Instanity

I've been claiming for months now that I'm going to do something about the weight that I've put on since taking a full time desk job. Before I was managing a restaurant, mostly office work, but also organizing banquets, hauling tables, greeting/seating guests, etc. It involved a LOT of running around, heavy lifting, and up and down stairs several times a day. Now... Not so much....more