Am I missing the party gene?

Am I missing the party gene? ...more

Don't worry, you'll find your people, we're just quiet and don't congregate in your normal ...more

Clearly I am a contradiction

I am aware I contradicted myself during my last post but my last post is how I feel normally. As of right now, I am too lazy to be in a relationship because there is no one worthwhile. But in general, I would love to find a boyfriend/fiance/husband to share and create a home with. ...more

Growing Up Too Fast?

I know exactly what I want, and I am 20 (oh wait sorry we've discussed this...Im 2 months away from being 20). Is this weird? Aren't I supposed to go through that whole drinking-drug use- and general confusion stage before I get to the part where I know who I am? ...more

It's not that I can't be in a relationship, I am just too lazy ;)

It's the new excuse for the masses...I could be in a relationship but I am just too lazy. ...more

Lying About Your Age: Deal Breaker?

Does age really matter? Say you meet someone and right off the bat they say they are 30, then over time it becomes 25 or goes up to that a deal breaker? The guy I am (or was...?) dating is 21 years old...soon to be 22 years old. Right off the bat when we first started talking, I told him I was reality I am about 2 months shy of 20. One would think this would be an understandable little fib...I mean I was just rounding up...if it's acceptable in school, is it acceptable in pseudo would be relationships? ...more