As we get into the beginning of The Holiday Season, I hope that I don't lose sight of what it's all about. We are gathering to give thanks, not just eat ham and turkey until we groan. And we will be moving right into the season of Christmas, when it is so easy to focus on what needs to be done instead of the reason we are doing it....more

Storms And Kitchens, With Blessings And Football

Today has brought severe weather, with tornado warnings and sirens going off and really heavy rains. It's been a good day to stay home and drink tea.Unfortunately, my mom had a doctor's appointment. I offered to come pick her up and take her to it, because she does not like to drive in the rain. Then we had to go across the toll bridge to return some things at the nearest Lowe's. When I got them back home, I went to get in my car and heard the tornado sirens, so I went right back in and we sat in the closets for about ten minutes until the warning expired. Her dog was not amused....more

It's All About The Nesting

I am happy to report that I was able to get the other bolt of fabric, and even persuaded the store to refund me a part of what I paid for that second bolt, due to its being on sale for less when I picked it up than when I paid for it. I wasn't able to score the same deal on the first bolt, because of time factors, but I tried. She was gracious to give me the discount on the second one, because technically she didn't have to. Perhaps when I pointed out the amount of money I had spent, she had compassion. Not to mention, I was very nice about it and how I was asking for it....more

Breathing Room

It seems to have been another month. I really don't know how this keeps happening - it's not as if I'm this amazing social butterfly with no time to spare! But I will admit to a few flurries of activity here and there, interspersed with periods of boredom and even some mild bouts with the black hole of depression....more

Third Time Is...Done

This makes my third attempt at posting. Yesterday, I wrote a long and diverse post covering such topics as my husband's 55th birthday, how my life had changed in the last two years, and my determination to not allow anyone to steal my hard-won peace and joy.Then, because I let myself get aggravated, I closed the tab and deleted it.Do as I say, not as I do, anyone?Then, this morning, I attempted to basically recap it, and due to some unknown reason (too-strong coffee, maybe?), I deleted that one. I don't know how, exactly. But it disappeared....more

Well No Wonder!

I asked my cousin, the Psychology major, if I were nuts or if it was because it was almost September that I seemed to be so weepy lately. She assured me that I was not nuts, and that I should remember the good times and not the sad stuff. That's easy to say, but not as easy to do....more

I Have An Excuse

Okay, so it has been a month again. In my defense, there have been one or three things going on.First and most importantly, my mom and my sister are now living here. The journey is not yet over, but the finish line is in sight. They were able, thanks to a brilliant idea by my cousin, to rent the house they are buying until it closes sometime later this month. That way, we only had to move the things once. Thanks, cuz!...more

Something Strange is Going On...

I am sure I do not know what the heck is the matter with me. For the last few days, I will be doing something (reading, playing Bee Brilliant, cooking) and all of a sudden I start to cry. Not the loud kind - just tears start creeping out of my eyeballs and I am overwhelmed with sadness.It feels like I'm losing my mind....more

Has It Been Over A Month?

To say that there has been a lot going on would be a slight understatement. Most of what has been happening falls under the heading of 'family drama' and is therefore not a subject upon which I care to dwell. But a friend of mine put it very well when she said, "...if everyone would just have God in their life, things would be so different..."...more

Progress Is Progress, No Matter How Small

Does anyone else have Horton Hears A Who running through their head? Okay, besides my mom (thanks, Mami!).The good news is that I found my soap dishes. Well, the one in particular, anyway. And I have found a lot of other things, too. Unfortunately, so far I have not located my hall bath hand towels. I have an idea of where they are, and they may be there for a while if that is indeed where they are. That box is pretty low on the unpacking scale. In the meantime, we have to use the Precious Moments ones someone gave me....more