The Advantage Of A Sister

I REALLY wanted my realtor to come over here in the middle of the night and surprise me with a "SOLD" sign in the yard. But she didn't, and that is okay. Because it's done. The only thing left is for the appraiser to come out here and confirm that my house is worth what the buyer is paying for it, which it is....more

The Waiting, It Is Almost Over

Soooo, that whole waiting thing? It's been going on. Hopefully well, because it's no secret that I am not a fan of the waiting. And if I do well and eat my peas and carrots, then maybe, just maybe, I will not have to keep doing it too much longer....more

Never Really Gone

The stupidest thing happened on the way back home last week. The whole time I had spent with my cousin and her family was wonderful, even if it was extremely stressful in the whole buy-a-house-while-you-are-here kind of way....more

Time For A Break

Tomorrow I am taking Buddy to stay with Grandma while I visit my cousin. This is our spa trip, the one which is part of her year-long celebration of turning 50. We planned this when she visited in September, before I knew I was moving out there. Originally, my mom and sister were coming here, but with the showings and everything, it will just be easier all around for them to stay there and have Buddy visit....more

Don't Miss The Good Stuff

Well, it's a good thing I'm not in charge. I'd already be out of here, and who knows what awesomeness I would miss by skipping out on God's plans for me?I've finally gotten an offer on the house. An offer which I declined, without the dignity of a counteroffer. Because it was insulting. Not that I was insulted, you understand, but it was ludicrously low and they wanted a whole lot for closing costs in addition. So after consulting with some people who knew what they were talking about (because I didn't), I told my realtor very firmly, "NO"....more

Not A Fan

No, I'm not talking about the recent book by the same title, although I did read it. My father-in-law gave me a copy - he was handing them out like candy. I forget how many copies he bought, but while he was here I kept him well supplied with coupons to the Christian book store. It was a lot - like maybe 50!But I digress. I'm not a fan of this whole selling of the house and having showings thing. Yes, it forces me to keep the house tidy and that is a good thing. But it's getting a little bit old to pack up the dog and find somewhere to go for an hour and a half or so....more

Ups And Downs; Fits And Starts

I have never shown a house for sale before. Our last house was sold to a friend who had been in the house several times, and she just came over and toured the whole thing (not just the public spaces) before she made us an offer. It was on the market for less than 24 hours - actually, she made an offer before it hit the MLS but we had already signed with a Realtor so they listed it....more

Fish Or Cut Bait

Fish or cut bait. That sort of means put your money where your mouth is, or any number of other sayings from my childhood. This is where it gets real.Tomorrow, my house goes on the MLS. Tomorrow, the sign will be in the yard. Tomorrow, there's no looking back. We are full steam ahead and d@## the torpedoes! (That's a quote, by the way, so excuse the profanity)....more

Moving Right Along

I have been alternating between bursts of intense activity and bouts of inertia, accompanied by STUPID eating. The good news is, I have gotten rid of another five boxes of books, and a back seat full of clutter (including a bag of mugs and a kitten tree, among other things). The recycle guys are probably groaning when they get to my address, and the trash guys may or may not be muttering under their breath at me. But I've gained back two of the pounds I lost, and there is all this CHOCOLATE in the pantry for some reason!...more

Okay Let's Do This!

Monday I called the company I am doing a product testing for, to order a part. While I was talking to them, I mentioned that I would be moving to another state, but not until my year was up for the product test. The lady very quickly told me that under no circumstances was I to worry about the year; that they understood that life happens and if I needed or wanted to move sooner than June then just to go ahead. Oh my gosh! I'm ready to go, like NOW!...more