All I Want for Christmas is NOT Thong Underwear

See Video. Go ahead, watch it a few times... Beautiful ladies.. Sexy kitten voices and spectacular undies. And jealousy of the alien forms wearing them (Talk about the 1%..). ...more

Dr. Onion's Fishy Experiment in Self Diagnosis and Treatment

DISCLAIMER  (If I had an attorney, he would suggest I do this, among other things) ...more

The Weight of Fear

The concrete rushed up at me, blurred in the speed I traveled to it. I felt the grit and heft against my arms and chin, which took the brunt of the force. The slow spread of warmth and tingling pulsed at each area that struck and I was reminded of a long ago bicycle accident. Except this was not an accident. My jaw had jammed shut at the moment of impact and I felt a faraway ringing my ears. I was stupefied. ...more

Road trip, Runza, Raccoon and Remembering this thing on? I can't explain it folks, but I have lost momentum in my blogging since my return from way down South.  And East.  ...more

The Princess Wife

I am sick to death of hearing about the Royal Wedding, but apparently I am jumping on the band wagon myself. I keep seeing the lovely Kate Middleton and remembering the stress of a small wedding, let along one of this caliber. I feel sort of sorry for her. Such expectations for a young woman who may merely just want to marry the man she loves.    ...more

Clicking Heels Together...

I am still on vacation, and I need to go home soon so I can rest.  ...more

Putting the Crock in Betty Crocker

Sweet baby Jesus, I was busy in the kitchen yesterday. It was cooking gone ADD. ...more

Mad Max - Beyond Onion-dome

(No April Fool's Day Schtick today. I am a spoil-sport-party-pooper. The Baboos and I did stuff Special Agent's work vehicle with CLOWNS to scare the hell out of him for the day....but we also did that a month ago.  For a tough guy - the boy is seriously afraid of clowns. Once a clown headed to a party was behind him in traffic and he almost had a nervous breakdown since clowns were following him. This makes it all the more hilarious. ...more

A Tiny Plane, A Sledgehammer and a Movie-Worthy Ending

It has been a while since I have flown about the Rockies, and in many ways I am relieved. ...more