Throwback Thursday: The Mixing Bowl

If you were to sneak a peek into our kitchen cupboards you would find – amongst the utilitarian nesting stainless mixing bowls, the variously-sized modern black stoneware stove-to-table bowls, and the ornate glass serving bowls – a well-used, scratched and worn, slightly-yellowed white plastic bowl from days gone by. This plastic bowl was manufactured at […] The post Throwback Thursday: The Mixing Bowl appeared first on Alphabet Salad ....more

Wildcard Wednesday No. 6

The sun has been shining brightly all day, it’s only -8°C out there (hey, the below-zero temperature is finally in the single digits – I’ll take it!), and the official first day of Spring is less than a month away. Life is good! In the meantime, though (while we’re waiting for the snow to melt), […] The post Wildcard Wednesday No ....more

Tangled Tuesday No. 41

Happy Tangled Tuesday! I started writing this post with the overall impression that it had been a rather quiet week in my world of tangling, but as I looked back I discovered that I actually got quite a bit accomplished (particularly considering that I’ve been feeling under the weather lately). Read on to find out […] The post Tangled Tuesday No ....more

#MicroblogMondays 26 – Happy Two Years!

I can scarcely believe it, but it’s now been two years to the day since we happily added Felix, Oscar, and Grisabella to our little family. Yes, two years already! Time certainly does fly – or, more accurately (at least in our case), race around the house in a furry frenzy ....more

Today’s Gratitude List + February 2015 Gratitude Linkup

You know, it’s been kind of a rough couple of weeks. My cough and cold have been ongoing (albeit to a lesser degree this past week than the one before), as have Peter’s, and we’re both getting quite tired of the whole situation. I’ve only been out of the house twice since I first got […] The post Today’s Gratitude List + February 2015 Gratitude Linkup appeared first on Alphabet Salad ....more

A cautionary tale of pączki and microwave ovens

This past week was Shrove Tuesday, referred to by some as Pancake Day and also known – at least in my part of the country – as Pączki Day. I’d never even heard of pączki before we moved to Windsor, but as it turns out this yummy Polish pastry is HUGE here! Every year around […] The post A cautionary tale of pączki and microwave ovens appeared first on Alphabet Salad ....more

Photo Friday: Gray

My choice for today’s Photo Friday challenge prompt of “Gray” was taken during my visit to Victoria, BC last fall. I passed this set of steps on my way to somewhere else, and just had to turn back to capture their message in a photo. Such simple words, but they speak to me ....more

Conference: BlissDom Canada 2015

You might remember when I wrote earlier this year that I would not be attending BlogHer ’15 this summer. It was tough to come to that decision, and I was (and still am) incredibly disappointed to have to miss out on what has become a much-anticipated annual event on my personal blogging calendar, but from […] The post Conference: BlissDom Canada 2015 appeared first on Alphabet Salad ....more

Wildcard Wednesday No. 5

Welcome, welcome, to another Wildcard Wednesday! You know, I’m really enjoying this new little Alphabet Salad tradition – the anticipation of seeing which “happy” items you end up with each week is surprisingly fun for me, so thank you for participating in the silliness! Ready to play? ...more

Tangled Tuesday No. 40

Welcome to another Tangled Tuesday – glad to see you again! I’m feeling a whole lot better than I was last time when I decided to take a bit of a break, and I’ve been doing some tangling here and there over the past couple of weeks, so let’s get on with it! Blast from […] The post Tangled Tuesday No ....more