Today’s Gratitude List + August 2015 Gratitude Linkup

Sometimes I forget just how privileged and blessed I am to enjoy so many things which I often take for granted as being basic parts of everyday life, yet which many others in this world either don’t have or must struggle to obtain. I forget, and I grumble when things don’t go my way… and […] The post Today’s Gratitude List + August 2015 Gratitude Linkup appeared first on Alphabet Salad ....more

Photo A Day Challenge – July 16-31, 2015

So July is now history, August is upon us, and summer is halfway over (can you believe it?!). But before we say goodbye to the old and move on to a new month of blogging, I invite you to have a browse through the second half of my July photos for the Fat Mum Slim […] The post Photo A Day Challenge – July 16-31, 2015 appeared first on Alphabet Salad ....more

Photo Friday: Circle

I ran out of coffee beans this morning (the horror!), and was forced to make do with a cup of instant (twice the horror!). Peter drinks instant coffee all the time, but I’m not a fan; still, I must admit that it was great to have a backup caffeinated beverage in place to compensate for […] The post Photo Friday: Circle appeared first on Alphabet Salad ....more

Tangled Tuesday No. 54

Whew… this has been a busy, busy, BUSY week of tangling – FAR busier than normal! Why? Well, when I read in the latest Zentangle® newsletter that the 2016 schedule for CZT (Certified Zentangle Teacher) training will be announced in about a month from now, I decided that I am going to sign up for […] The post Tangled Tuesday No ....more

Today’s Gratitude List + July 2015 Gratitude Linkup

Happy, happy weekend! The sun is shining brightly today after a stormy yesterday, and the world outside my window looks all fresh and clean and brand-spanking new. I’m so glad you stopped by to share some gratitude today – welcome! ...more

Photo Friday: Summer

One of the first visible signs that the summer season has officially kicked off in Windsor is a change in the landscape of our riverfront plaza: the arrival of the colourful rides, games of chance, and carnival treat booths of Summerfest. So for today’s Photo Friday challenge prompt of “Summer” I chose a favourite photo […] The post Photo Friday: Summer appeared first on Alphabet Salad ....more

Let’s Party!

I haven’t tackled any of the writing prompts for this month’s NaBloPoMo (National Blog Posting Month) challenge theme of Connect recently – but since today’s is a rather fun one, I thought it would be a good opportunity to jump back in. Let’s party! NaBloPoMo July 23 Tell us what makes a party or event […] The post Let’s Party! ...more

On the path to your goal

Pursuit: tackling with enthusiasm the gradual, uphill climb clear of vision, destination, desires energy expended bringing joyful successes earning, receiving, deserving Plateau: taking shortcuts through the same old, same old clouded with fear, risk-aversion, hesitation to commit limited effort producing mediocre results slacking, lacking, disappointing Possibilities: rekindling the fire of inspiration and energy confident in […] The post On the path to your goal appeared first on Alphabet Salad ....more

Tangled Tuesday No. 53

Time for another Tangled Tuesday! Whether you’re an Alphabet Salad and/or Ten Thousand Tangles newbie or a regular reader around these parts, I’m so very glad you’re here to share the joy of tangling with me (and do hope you’ll be back). Welcome! ...more

#MicroblogMondays 47 – When do you finally give up?

When it comes to pursuing success, tackling persistent problems, or chasing dreams, I tend to take the eternally optimistic, keep on trying, “never never never give up” approach, believing that doggedly carrying on even in the face of struggles, roadblocks, or multiple failures WILL eventually lead to fulfillment of my goals. Lately, though, I’ve been […] The post #MicroblogMondays 47 – When do you finally give up? appeared first on Alphabet Salad ....more