Mark your calendar: Playful holidays abound in 2009!

Did you know there are lots of playful, child- and service-focused holidays to celebrate throughout 2009? Here's a short list - tell us in the comments how you plan to celebrate! ...more

MST3K 20th Anniversary set better than anticipated

After scoring $45 in Best Buy gift certificates (thank you, Reward Zone!), I finally b ...more

Win an Elmo Live and an MLB Pitching Machine!

There are only three weeks left to go in the KaBOOM! Playspace Finder Sweepstakes! For those who haven't been briefed, here's the deal: 1. Every week we give away a prize (or prize package) valued between $100 and $200 to one lucky winner. 2. The winner is chosen from those who entered at least one playspace with a photo into the KaBOOM! Playspace Finder that week. 3. Each time you enter a playspace with a photo, it counts as an entry. No messy forms to fill out, plus your odds of winning go up as you add more playspaces! 4. Each week's sweepstakes starts on Tuesday (Eastern time) and ends the following Monday at 11:59 p.m. Eastern time. So the only eligible playspaces for that week's contests are those entered during that timeframe. So. That being said, who wants to win an Elmo Live and an MLB Pitching Machine? ...more

Imitation on the Playground: Learning & Motor Skills

By J.C. Boushh We've all heard the saying "imitation is the greatest form of flattery," and now it may also be the greatest source of learning for the brain. Consider how infants begin to acquire specific motor skills. "If you stick out your tongue to an observant infant shortly after birth, the probability is high that he or she will reciprocate the behavior" (Sylwester, 2005). This behavior, triggered by "mirror neurons" in the brain, is the beginning of a lifelong quest to understand the world around us, especially in relationship to each other…a development process that thrives on the playground.  Today's playgrounds provide incredible opportunities for children to observe and practice their highly-sophisticated gross motor skills. Many times this process of advance motor skills involves an action that takes place in the brain prior to the physical domain. "Mirror neurons make it possible for people to learn complex motor skills simply by seeing others perform them" (Hamilton, 2005). ...more

Win a U-Command Wall-E and a "Kid Tough" Digital Camera!

This week in the KaBOOM! Playspace Finder Sweepstakes, you could win a Disney Pixar Wall-E U-Command Robot and a Fisher Price "Kid Tough" Digital Camera! The Wall-E U-Command Robot features a remote control that you can use to tell Wall-E to dance, change his expression, move, speak, and more. The "Kid Tough" Digital Camera, meanwhile, lives up to its name by being not only shock resistant and easy for a preschooler to hold and operate, but it's also waterproof! Kids can instantly see the photos they've taken on its 1.5 inch, color LCD screen. How can you enter to win these great toys? It's easy! Just add at least one playspace, with a photo, to the KaBOOM! Playspace Finder before 11:59 p.m. Eastern time Dec. 8. Start entering playspaces today! Learn more about the sweepstakes. ...more

Trying to find an Elmo Live or U-Command Wall-E? You could win both!

Have you been searching in vain for the elusive Elmo Live or U-Command Wall-E? Well, here's your chance to win both! For the next few weeks in the KaBOOM! Playspace Finder Sweepstakes, we're giving away some of the hottest toys of the holiday season! This week, one lucky winner will receive both a Fisher Price Elmo Live and a Disney Pixar Wall-E U-Command Robot. ...more

Are kids getting enough play?

From the Today Show - kids need more unstructured play time!   ...more

Win cool tech stuff from KaBOOM!

Post your local playspaces and win! Every week between Aug. 19 and Dec. 29, KaBOOM! is offering great prizes for people who enter playspaces in the KaBOOM! Playspace Finder! Every time you enter a playspace in the KaBOOM! Playspace Finder that includes a photo, you’ll be entered to win in that week's sweepstakes! The first week's prize was a digital camera; this week (8/26-9/1) it's a Garmin nuvi 205 GPS. ...more

The Climbing Trees of the Mind

By J.C. Boushh ...more

Playgrounds help autistic child cope

"My son, who doesn’t want to even look at other kids, understands that being chased by other kids and chasing them in return is a great way to spend time at the playground. "Without playgrounds in our life, we would be lost." Read more ...more