Not really a review of Gone Girl (book & movie)

I started reading Gone Girl last night… I read more this morning....more

A Week and 5 Girls

I spent the last week of August in Ithaca, NY at my brother’s house....more

Pretty flowers… and my awesome niece.

These were the only photos I took on Labor Day....more

Yes. I know it’s October.

I believe I am the only blogger on earth that didn’t post photos of their kids’ first day of school....more

TypeA Parent Conference was just full of awesome.

Type A Parent Conference was in September and I never even mentioned a word about it....more

Inside vs. Outside

Emmett is totally into being an outdoor cat. Loading Emmett is pretending to be a rain forest cat. #catsofinstagram #cat View on Instagram And Bailey… well, let’s just say Bailey is not interested ....more

Had a blast at Bottle Hill Day.

Bottle Hill Day was September 27th. The weather was gorgeous. We ran into a billion friends wandering the streets ....more

My So-Called Blog

This blog…. it’s been totally mediocre for quite a time now. I’m sorry ....more

A Kid Free Day at Jenkinson’s

I’m just sitting here thinking of our last trip to Jenkinson’s....more

Books I’ve Read (September 2014)

*Title link will take you to my review....more