Farm to Feast: Pasta with Garlic Shrimp & Baby Broccoli

I loved on shrimp and pasta when I was a vegetarian years ago as a teenager. I still love the combination of olive oil, garlic and shrimp. You can replace it for chicken, or omit entirely ....more

My Little Blue Journal

Ok, I have a question for you. Be honest here. How many of you kept a journal of your kids’ baby years, detailing their height and weight at each doctor visit, their reactions to trying sweet potatoes for the first time, and...more

5 Favorite Things: January 13 – January 20

Enjoy some winter fun, either indoors or out this week! ...more


Full disclosure: this post is not about doing good. My colleague Laura has a lot of ideas about that which you should check out here. If you ask, I will come, I will staple, fold and tape candies to things well after bedtime ....more

Golden Globes Fashion: The Real Winners And Losers

If you’re anything like me, awards season fills you with glee, not because a bunch of famous people win awards for movies and tv shows you haven’t seen, but because of the FASHION. Awards show fashion is either staggeringly gorgeous or absolutely bat-dooky bonkers, so in honor of the Golden Globes, which happened on Sunday, let’s go through five award show fashion rules as illustrated by our favorite stars. Wear the dress, do not let the dress wear you ....more

5 Favorite Things In and Around Madison, NJ: 1/6 – 1/ 12

Liberty Science Center – Let’s Get...more

It’s safe to use the bathroom again

Dear Family To paraphrase former US President Gerald Ford, our long local...more

Helping Kids to Give Back: Part 2

One of my New Years resolutions this year is to help my kids develop a passion for donating, volunteering, and giving back to the community. We have done several donations and volunteering activities over the past few years, and I know, especially with MLK Day just around the corner, many of you are looking for more ways to involve your kids and your whole family in volunteering. In addition to the opportunities I mentioned in my first post on this subject, Helping Kids to Give Back: Part 1, here are a few more organizations you can work with to help your kids see the impact that they, no matter how small they are,...more

Farm to Feast: Easy Weeknight Curry

I know, I know, your kids won’t eat it. Well, at least MY kids won’t eat it. BUT, this is a perfect double meal for kids and adults ....more

The Mixtape’s Swan Song

As I get older, I waver between embracing technology and staring stupidly at my iPhone, asking Siri “Where did I leave my keys?” in a weird love/hate relationship with the growing tech world. But if there is one thing that I miss more than anything from our days of yore, it’s the mix tape. Sure, now we can download any song we want, and make Spotify playlists of virtually anything that has ever been recorded, but as I make those playlists, I always remember the day I stoically stood in front of the television, boom box heavy in my hands, as I recorded the VHS recording of Pearl Jam’s Unplugged performance onto a cassette tape ....more