My Boys, Old Movies

When I moved in May, my new place didn’t receive satellite.  So I opted to just pull the “satellite plug” and see how we would do without TV.  The boys and I never watched a lot of TV anyway. Other than not having the Olympics, we’ve not missed it. I order them movies from Netflix though, and it’s been really fun to see them enjoy older movies ....more

Mom Pay Day


Aurora, Colorado Shooting- Our Future?

I’ve not been blogging much these days. I’ve been busy working, moving, and being a mom.  Things have been going well, and while I hope to blog more, it has moved to the back burner in my life right now.  This morning though, as I drove to work and heard the news emerge on the mass shooting in Aurora, Colorado, the state where we live, my heart sank ....more

April 18th- Birthday and Cancer

  Birthday and cancer may seem like an odd title, but April 18th, would have been my mom’s 63rd birthday.  She passed away 2 years ago, and I can’t help but think about her today. Losing a parent never really goes away.  There are always reminders, birthdays, holidays, and family events that tend to make you stop and remember.  Fortunately, I have a lot of happy memories of her, and that is what I like to remember about her ....more

Good-Bye Whitney Houston

I grew up listening to Whitney Houston. It was sad, and sadly, not a huge shock, to hear of her untimely death yesterday.  She had such a powerful and astounding voice, never duplicated. I think one of the tragic things is someone so talented, probably didn’t have to die. Unfortunately, these types of deaths are way to common today.  Back in the day, she would have never seemed like a person who would succumb to addictions ....more

C-sections- Five Years & Beyond (Part 1)

Five years has past since my first and only C-section.  I shared my experience, and my feelings about my C-section last week in the post, My C-section- Five Years Later.  This was the third part in a series of C-section posts I have written.  The first post in the series, The Reality of C-sections, has generated a wide va ...more

Letter to My Heart

Dear Heart, I have never written a letter to you before, so it is long overdue.  Where do I start?  What could I possibly write to you about love that you don't already know?  You may know everything about love, but I don't.  ...more

Melamine Found in United States Infant Formula

Melamine, the harmful chemical found in Chinese infant formula, that killed at least 3 babies and made as many as 50,000 sick, has been detected in trace amounts in infant formula sold in the United States. The FDA says it found traces of melamine in samples of the top-selling infant formula, but the amounts found no pose no danger.  However, the FDA said just last month that they are unable to determine any level of melamine exposure that is safe.  ...more

Wanted for Christmas: Socks with No Holes

My sister is a second grade teacher at an impoverished school in Denver.  She just sent me a heart-breaking plea via e-mail for donations for her kids in her class for Christmas.  Here is part of her e-mail: ...more

Breastmilk In Ice Cream?


Nice to see you address this; it was just on my mind in light of the breastmilk ice cream story ...more