When do you know??

Something that has been on my mind for a long while now.. "When do you know if its right or not" Are you just suppose to know? Or, is it something you have to take time out and sit and ponder? This subject has tortured me for a long time.. I have had 2 relationships before this one that had lasted longer than a year, and I am currently in a relationship that is about to hit the 1 yr mark.. ...more

When did we start appoligizing to evertything?

Every time I think about my life I am filled with every possible emotion.I recently had started to make plans to go home (Michigan) for a while, started planning the how’s and whys... and after i get everything ready my boyfriend doesn't want to move back. Of course.So now I am sitting here thinking about when I became so wishy washy. ...more

My story--

So.. I guess my first blog will just be letting you in on my story :]  So I am 21, I grew up in Michigan but recently relocated to Breckenridge Colorado with my boyfriend (Austin). I work at the Hilton here in Breck as a front desk agent. Here in Breck, Austin and I live in a 73' Dodge motor home. Its 20 ft long, we have a range with a small bathrrom in it. We have been living in it for the last few months.. It was Austins idea to begin with, and I was quite skeptical about it at frist, but it seems to be going okay. For sure it has put a little strain on our relationship... ...more

You do have an interesting story. I don't know how many times I've woken up in the morning, ...more

New to Blogher and blogging in general

Hey there:] My name is Amanda, and im totally new to blogher and blogging. I am always looking to meet new people. Also if anyone has any tips on blogging it would be great:] thanks, just trying to get to knwo the site. _Amanda ...more