Staying Motivated: Keeping those Healthy New Year's Resolutions.

2008 is already almost three weeks old, and the holiday season is fading fast into our collective memories. As the ordinary day-to-day routine reclaims our lives after weeks of traveling, shopping, and eating, sticking to those fitness resolutions that you made a little over two weeks ago might be getting a little bit tougher. As the novelty of new work outs and diets begin to wane, I surfed some fitness-centric blogs written by women who are not only successfully sticking to their plans, but were also gracious enough to share tips with the rest of us slackers: ...more

Alternative Resolutions for a Healthy New Year.

So, the holiday season is finally over! Time to assess the unhealthy choices that one may have made in the past six weeks (or longer!) and (possibly?) vow to change. For much of the population, this will mean weight loss or a dietary change (see here for an excellent BlogHer article on these topics), but there are a myriad of positive changes that one can make in honor of a new, healthier year. ...more

Breast Cancer Summit Brings Top Researchers Together

Breast cancer, one of the most common cancers among women, also has the distinctive honor of having its own heavily-advertised awareness campaign. While the pros and cons of the Pink for October awareness campaign have been debated for some time (check out these BlogHer articles from October 2007), one of the key issues with the breast cancer movement is the sheer magnitude of it. While there are countless agencies researching breast cancer causes, cures and treatments (whom are funded by even more philanthropic and corporate entities), there has never been an attempt to organize the fight against the disease. As a result, the research is fractioned, sometimes disorganized, and even duplicated at times. (Think Before You Pink produced an excellent PSA on this very topic that may be viewed here.) ...more

Add Some Safety With Your Holiday Sparkle: Healthy Decorating Tips

The holiday season is in full swing, and as the month of December marches on, more and more people are decorating their homes. The festivity and beauty added by the many lights and candles is enjoyed by many; however, the decorations and the process of installing them hold many inherent health risks. From trees to tinsel, there are important recommendations to keep in mind while selecting and installing your seasonal trappings. ...more

Keep the Holiday Season A Healthy One.

With the holiday season in full swing, people are challenged with extra calories and temptation at every turn. Health and wellness bloghers have a myriad of tips for keeping ahead of the holiday pounds: RN Laurie White offers ways to curb the average seven-pound weight gain: ...more

Gear Up For Healthy Gift Giving!

The holiday shopping season, while already in full swing, is about to get a major shot in the arm as millions of shoppers attempt to tackle their gift list on Friday. Instead of napping after your Thanksgiving feast tomorrow, work on planning ahead for the big shopping day: this year, try to incorporate healthy choices into your gift-giving. By contributing to the good health of your friends and loved ones, they'll subsequently have more energy and feel better. What holiday gift could be better? ...more

For Some, It's Not The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year.

A shopping center. On a bench I sit in silence A dark smudge on an otherwise brightly colored canvas. Families bustle by, Loudly arguing: Stress over locating the “perfect” gift. But little do they know That perfection Is the time spent with their loved ones. My perfect gift is non-existent: There is nothing That I want more than to have my partner back. ...more

For different reasons, this is a hard time of year for me, too.

I'm sure many people will ...more

Remembering Caregivers in November.

Caring for a sick or disabled family member is a stressful, twenty-four hour-a-day, unpaid job that many are forced to take on at some point in their lives. Did you know that in the United States, 80% of caregivers are unpaid family members? ...more

Time to de-pink: Women's Health Observances in November.

As October draws to a close and the pink ribbons are packed away until next year, it's time to draw attention to the most lethal cancer in America for both men and women. The disease which holds this dubious honor is lung cancer, and November is National Lung Cancer Awareness Month. Melissa Marr of The Healing Project offers these harrowing statistics on lung cancer: Approximately 50% of the people diagnosed with lung cancer have never smoked or are former smokers. ...more

A MOTHERS Day Education--A PPD Primer

To underscore today's "Blog for the MOTHERS Act" event, it is important to know the basis of this very important legislature. Postpartum depression is an oft-stigmatized and misunderstood mental disorder, and is consequently under-diagnosed. In conjunction with the other BlogHer MOTHERS Act posts, I'd like to take this opportunity to provide a primer of sorts for PPD. ...more

Researchers at Governors State University are seeking new moms to take part in a confidential ...more