How To Write a Killer Book Review

I’m going to upset a few people with this article. Why? Because I'm turning the idea of a traditional book review on its head. I’m going to argue that online book reviews should be different to traditional, printed reviews. Before I go on, a caveat:...more
Thanks for this! It helped me a lot on the book review I was writing. I didn't want it to sound ...more

The Handmaid's Tale, The Time-Traveler's Wife: Why Real Book Lovers Read Science Fiction

Familiar, comfy titles that are literary bestsellers from the past 20 or so years: The Handmaid’s Tale, The Road, Never Let Me Go, Oryx and Crake, The Time Traveler’s Wife -- these are ALL works of science fiction. ...more  @nursemommy4 Wow, thanks!  I am honored to be mentioned in this ...more