How to Kill a Basil Plant (in 10 easy steps)

Step 1: Buy a basil plant You obviously can't kill something unless you have it. The real key to fully embracing Step 1 is to get really excited about buying the basil plant. You should probably tell your friends and maybe even blog about it ....more

Blog Talk #5: Why Do You Follow?

Welcome to blog talk!...more

Nicaraguan Adventure // The Medical Clinic

*I didn't take this picture. This was taken by our associate pastor after one of the church services.When I left off in part 1, it was Sunday morning, July 20, and we were headed from the mission house into the village. I've gotten a few questions about our trip that I'm going to go ahead and answer now so you'll have a better idea of things before I dive into a recap of our week in the village ....more

Win the Cutest Bag Everrrrr.

So, how cute is this bag? Answer: so cute. Lucky for you, I'm partnering with 3 other lovely ladies to give this adorable Rouge and Whimsy polka dot and leather tote to one of you! ...more

Nicaraguan Adventure // Planes and Automobiles

"We're on an adventure together."That's what we said to each other all week long. An adventure, we called it, because that's what it was. An adventure to a third-world country with forty other members from our church to set up a medical clinic in a remote village ....more

Currently Stiff and Speaking Spanish

This is quite possibly the strangest book I've ever read. I was walking through the library, as one does on a weekday at lunch, and I spotted this on a display shelf. The cover definitely catches your eye ....more

Happy August Giveaway!

One thing I love about blogging is getting to know a lot of awesome ladies. There's such a great community in the blog world, which I know sounds crazy to anyone who doesn't blog, but it's true.I don't do sponsorships on this blog (if you want to know more about that you can read this post), but occasionally I like introducing you guys to some of my very favorite blog friends. Blog | Instagram...more


*Project 12: A photo on the first day of every month in 2014* January...more

Do You Compress?

I've talked before about how much I love ProCompression calf sleeves in my post on "6 Tips for Faster Post-Run Recovery." It was tip #5: compress your calves. I've found this to be fantastic for recovery after a particularly long or tough run. I am a Sweat Pink ambassador, and recently I was offered the chance to review a pair of ProCompression socks ....more

We're Back From...

Hello, friends!...more