Runners Tell All: My Race Bucket List(s)

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Man Make Fire

Vacations are the best.For a short span of days, you can push aside the stress and requirements of daily life and claim "spotty Internet access" and "no cell phone service" on the fact that you are completely avoiding any and all incoming communication....more

Re: Thank You For Your Page View

*Photo credit Death to Stock Photo (with text addition by me) Hello, friend,Thank you for your page view.I am currently out of the office....more

My Unofficial OKC Summer Bucket List

We can still talk about summer, yes? Good, because I have some things I need to share, for the sake of my 2014 blog book and the fact that if I don't write about it online, it never happened. This summer I was able to cross some things off my unofficial OKC summer bucket list ....more

Hemp Pro 70: Plant-Based Protein Powder // Review & Giveaway

Here's the deal: as a runner, I really like the idea of healthy powders, shakes, and foods. The problem is, they're usually so expensive, and I never know what I'll actually like. I don't want to waste money on something I won't end up using because it tastes disgusting ....more

Nicaraguan Adventure // Ziplining and Volcanoes

This is my last Nicaragua post! I'm going to tell you all about what we did on our last two days in Central America.On Thursday morning, after three and a half days of medical clinic, we loaded up the truck and headed back to the mission house. There was a mad rush to the showers, and I am not ashamed to tell you that yours truly didn't wash her hair the entire time we were in the village.Let's just say that when I took my hair out of my braid and ponytail, it stayed right in the same position ....more


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The Best.

My brother texted me earlier this week and asked me when I was going to write a blog post about our family's trip to the lake house in Texas.I said I'd get to it eventually and asked him why he wanted to know."Because I like it when you blog about our family," he said.That, my friends, is why I blog. New followers are always fun, and the $1.76 a month I get from Google ads buys me a chai at Starbucks every now and again. But one of the best parts of blogging is knowing that my family enjoys it.So, Austin, this one's for you ....more

The Lady Okie's Closet Confessional [Vlog]

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Nicaraguan Adventure // The Vet Team and Eye Clinic

In my last post, I shared an overview of our time in the village, but I don't feel like I actually talked about anything that happened in the village. This post is about specifically what Jordan and I spent our time doing, and if you don't read anything else, please know that I am collecting old/outdated prescription glasses to send to the people of Nicaragua. I'm trying to get the word out about donating so BMDMI has more options to offer the people who come to the eye clinic ....more