Growing a Human: Week 33

Due to a mix-up with the cable people (read: they dropped the ball and don't know how to read dates on a calendar), we haven't had internet since last Friday. And you know what? The world went on! ...more

Scenes from the Bahamas!

The first weekend of June, Jordan and I spent two days and three nights at the Atlantis hotel in the Bahamas. This is most definitely not the kind of vacation we would typically go on, but I was actually going for work, and my boss offered employees the opportunity to take plus ones, provided we paid for the plane ticket and food ourselves. But my food, flight, and hotel were paid for, so we figured we might as well make it a babymoon/anniversary/birthday celebration since we will likely never be able to afford to stay at Atlantis if we were paying for it all ourselves ....more

Maternity Pictures (Help me choose a favorite!)

One thing I find strange on blogs is when a blogger announces that something big is going on in their lives and then publishes their next post without even mentioning anything about it. So, before we get to the pictures, a quick update: Yes, we moved. Jordan and I almost killed each other on Friday night, and I'm only kind of joking about that ....more

Pardon the Interruption

Remember when I was bored?I don't.My life is a tad crazy right now, and even though I want to spend time on blogging, I just don't think that's the best use of my time at the moment. Because packing.I have photos from the Bahamas I want to share and also our maternity pictures! I have a bump update for you, because we get to see Baby Bum on the ultrasound screen today (girlfriend is measuring big, so the doctor wants to check her out) ....more

Blog Survey Results (pt 2)

I figured I should finish sharing the results of my reader survey before I forgot about it all together. Part 1 (read it here) covered all the questions except for the specifics about which posts you all like to read. That's what I'm sharing in today's post, along with some comments on the "why do you like reading this blog" and "one critique I have is" questions ....more

Project Life Update: March, April, May

Okay, people. According to the reader survey I never finished telling you about (answers to the first half here), only a few of you hate my Project Life updates. I figured if a lot of you said you hated these, I would stop doing them ....more

He Saw Us

I'm going to tell you a story. After reading this, some of you might be inclined to say something like, "Wow! That's such an awesome coincidence! ...more

Things Strangers Say

^^^This was taken exactly one week ago at 29 weeks. I didn't wear that shirt to work. I must look pregnant ....more

College Flashback: My Trip to Greece

Every time I mention that I went to Greece, someone asks me to write a post about it. I don't know if it's Greece specifically that people want to hear about or if they're just surprised by the fact that I've actually been to Europe. Either way, I decided to dig out my Greece pictures and take you on a flashback post ....more

The #1 Best Budgeting Tip to Save You Money

Everyone has different ideas about budgeting, and there are a ton of how-to posts out there with tips and tricks for saving and budgeting. Jordan and I have been on a budget since we got married over 4 years ago. In that time, we paid off both our cars and student loans, and we were completely debt free until we just bought our house last month (hello, mortgage until 2045) ....more