links + loves vol 5

I don't know about you, but I am really happy it's Friday. I had Monday off, but is it just me or do those four-day work weeks seem to be the slowest? We are finishing up a big project at work and it's been really stressful for the past few weeks, so I'm excited for the weekend.On the way home from the gym on Tuesday, I stopped at the grocery store to get a few things and also picked up these $5 tulips ....more

How Pregnancy #2 Has Been Different (in a good way!)

It's still so strange to be able to say things like "the first time I was pregnant..."I found out I was pregnant when I was only 4 weeks along (technically 2 weeks pregnant, but they start counting 2 weeks before conception...more

By the Numbers: 2016

Happy MLK day for my US friends! I am so thankful to be off work today and you know what that means... I get...more

R: 17 Months

I stopped writing monthly posts when R turned 12 months, but I wanted to pop in and write up a quick post about all the things she's doing now at 17 months because she is really starting to shine and I don't want to forget any of it. -When prompted, she will give hugs and kisses to Jordan and I and to her grandparents and aunts/uncles. DEAD ....more

12 Months of Meals: A Practice in Generosity

image via In January 2016, I set a goal to take a meal to one person or family every month for the entire year. I had never had someone bring a meal to me until after I had R in August 2015, and I realized how wonderful it was to know that someone was going to come to my house and drop off food for my family that I didn't have to prepare or clean up after....more

Confession Session vol 5

Jordan has been on a space kick lately and has watched a few Netflix documentaries about NASA and astronauts and whatnot. Obviously I got sucked in and ended up watching them too even though space is one of my top 3 fears (second only to snakes and tied with robots, I'm not joking; a robotic snake in space would destroy me). Anyway, thinking about space got me thinking about the movie Armageddon, which used to be one of my favorites back in the day (don't judge me; I'm old), and two weeks ago I FOUND IT ON NETFLIX....more

That's Life: Reflecting on 2016 + Looking to 2017

I did a few of these "That's Life" posts last year (originally saw this on Erin's blog), and I thought this would be a good way to recap 2016 and look forward to 2017 goals. This turned out to be really long (like, woah), but splitting it up into two posts felt silly, so I won't blame you if you don't read all the way to the end. A lot of this is just for me to process out loud and will be good to look back on if I forget what it was I wanted to focus on in 2017 ....more

A Million of Those Moments

Happy Monday and happy 2017! Anyone else excited about another day off work? Jordan and I have both been off work since the Friday before Christmas, and it has been so awesome being at home with R and living the stay-at-home life together for a week ....more

So This Is Christmas

Before I had R, I heard over and over how magical holidays are with kids, specifically Christmas. Last year was R's first Christmas, but she was only four and a half months old and while it was wonderful, this year Jordan and I agreed that we totally understand the magic of Christmas with kids. Honestly, at sixteen months, we still weren't expecting R to be super excited about everything, but she was so much fun ....more

Books, Books, and More Books

I looked back to see when I last wrote a book review post and realized my most recent proper reading roundup was in July! I wanted to make sure I shared my final book review roundup before the year ended. There are a few, so settle in ....more