Eye on the Sparrow T-Shirts

My parents were both raised in East Tennessee and I have a distinct memory of going to my grandparents home and hearing old blue grass music playing ALWAYS at their home.  There is nothing more beautiful to me than a banjo mixed with a fiddle, toss in an old school southern song voice with an old hymnal song and I am an emotional wreck.  I cry almost every time.  I have so many hymns or church songs that I grew up with that just bring a wave of emotion over me when I hear them....more

A Month of Handmade Gifts

 Starting November 2nd, we will be spending the entire month sharing different Han...more

Highlands and Cashiers, NC

  Back in August, Mr....more

The Atlanta Ghost Hunters - Part 1


My Culinary Experience at the New York Wine and Culinary Center

I was in Rochester, NY this week for work.  What a beautiful place to be in the fall!  The leaves are already beginning to show their color and the views from every angle in that city were just stunning. It was that sweet reminder that you get in the fall, that there is always a new beginning and a chance to change, revive and evolve from the space that you are currently in.  It was really beautiful. ...more

What I wore Wednesdays - Link up with The Pleated Poppy (EVEN THOUGH IT'S FRIDAY)

So I am a little late this week posting my "What I Wore Wednesday" with The Pleated Poppy.  However, I have been traveling with work and spent three days this week in Rochester, NY.  Having said that though, you will notice that I actually donned some suits for the first time in several months.  That felt nice to be back in the corporate world for a couple of days.  I'm not gonna lie though, it was really nice to be back in jeans yesterday!  So to keep it short and sweet, here is what I wore las...more