Recovery: Dual Diagnosis and Judgment

Last night I went out to dinner with a few friends from group. Honestly, one isn’t a friend and she gets on my last nerve, but I’m trying to accept and overcome.  One person knew about my struggles with bipolar and that I’m in a program where they are working on my meds—it has CD support, too. So, of course, the entire group knows. My group has a lot of “old timers” who think that any psychotropic medication is bad. I notice that these are the people who have sobriety I do not want. They are nut buckets....more

Shame Series: Drunkologues

I’m a recovering alcoholic. When I go to meetings, I hear people laughing about all the chaos drinking caused, or whining all the turmoil it caused. I’m not saying this is right or wrong. It just is. It just bugs me. In fact, it bothers me to the point where I will leave to go to the restroom. I just think to myself, if he tells the story of peeing on himself one more time, I’ll leave and never come back. It’s so bad, I asked my boyfriend not to regale his drunken youth.  Apparently, some people had fun drinking....more

Why Does It All Come Down to Football?

I know what you guys are thinking. Here's another woman complaining about losing her significant other to football. NOPE. I love football. When I first met my ex-fiance, who shall now be referred to as "Jex," He told me I'd be a football widow when UT played. I said no way, buddy, I'll be going with you, even if I went to Tech. Now, I never was interested in Tech and didn't even like the school much. Changing to a more interesting team seemed like a good idea. It was. I got so into it I was more Longhorn than Jex. Last game, I think I teared up a bit because it was ending....more

I love your breasts. Isn't that enough?

She knew she was in love when he told her that she said things to him, sweet things, nice things, compliments, that no one ever said before. He wanted to be Superman and here was the woman who needed saving.Their codependecies met and fell in love. Honestly, they did the best they could to keep up the fairy tale. Then she changed everything about herself to be perfect for him. She was mommy, best friend, and at times, lover. Now. as she thinks back, the "at times" came more from an unconscious belief that he was not attracted to her....more
wow. so much here. heartache. love. selfgrowth. rediscovery of worth. suggestion: perhaps the ...more