My Hero

February 15, 2014I just finished reading James Chappelear’s tribute to Mr. Bryant Harrill, the father of my dear friend, George Harrill. After I finished reading the tribute, I was sad because, I know how much everyone will miss that dear man. ...more

Merry Christmas Indeed!

This is a cluster f**k kind of day or may I say cluster f**k week....more

Another Fun Edwards Vacation... NOT

“Just another fun family vacation,” I tell myself as I wake up on the 1st day of our family summer vacation. Who am I kidding? All I wanted to do was spend some time off my bad ankle and go to a luau.It is 7am. I am up. I am packed. My son, Andy, is up. He is packed and about to die to go. The poor dog is at the boarder on his own vacation. The camper is packed. Reservations have been made for months. We are “ready to go”. Wait…you ask… what about Shane….....more

Pouring, Cold Rain

So after I posted my stories last night, I got a phone call from Hubby. “Help. The tire blew out on the trailer. I need you to go into the storage building and get the tire on the white rim and bring it to me.” Oh, no, I thought. Here we go. Another Edwards family adventure....more
Hi Amanda! Great blog! Quite a story. Or........Never a Dull Moment! I haven't figured out how ...more

Peaches and Grits

Ah a wonderful cold wet day here in the southland.Here's what's going on in our little corner of the world.PEACHES:...more

Peaches and Grits??

So I've decieded to start a blog. Hey, why not? It's like Facebook on steroids. So hmm what to call it. My friend has a cleverly named blog "fried okra". I like that and want something along the same lines to show my love of Southern Food, but something that also describes who I am. So I settled on Peaches and Grits. Life in my South. ...more