It's Finally Friday - My Bad Week

I am so thankful that this week is over.  It was the week from hell.  My credit card was stolen, my computer broke, I worked like a dog and it rained.  After all of that, I deserve a beach vacation.  ...more

I Don't Run on the Treadmill Anymore

I've been running for several years now, but until this year, I spent my winters on treadmills and in spinning classes.So what happened with the treadmill and I?  Why did we break-up?  It turns out we just weren't made for each other. Today on Amanda Runs New York, I share why I finally figured out that running and I were made for each other all year round.  ...more

What I've Been Reading

I'm an avid reader and a lover of actual books - as in, I just like books, not for the words in them but for their pretty covers and pages that I can dog-ear.  Today I discuss my latest reads and why I'm still reading real books.  Can you convince me to get an e-book like the Kindle or Nook?  ...more

Snow in New York City

This weekend New York City got its first snow and I just had to go out and play in Central Park.At Amanda Runs New York, I get all sentimental about how snow brings out the best in New York.  ...more

Songs From the Big Screen: How to Use in Real Life

Every once in a while a moment comes along that is so perfect that it seems almost unreal – more like a movie than my life.  Snow in New York can have that effect – glittering images of the skyline glowing under a blizzard or a snow-frosted Central Park.  When those moments occur, I can’t help but wish that music would start piping through the atmosphere, drowning out words, sounds and even thoughts, just like on the silver screen....more

Goals for 2012 and How I'm Going to Achieve A Half-Marathon PR

I've got my fifth and sixth half marathons coming up this Spring.  I'm trying to PR and break the 10 minute mile mark in my race, which is a whopping 40 seconds off my current PR.Unfortunately, finding the perfect training plan is sort of like the running version of Goldilocks.  I've been tweaking my plan as I go along to try to reach the right intensity level.  Not too hard, not to easy.  ...more

Nervous Nelly: On Liquid Courage and it's Consequences

I was invited to a party this past weekend that I was very nervous about attending by myself.  But instead of just dealing with my nerves, I decided that I would have a drink to help calm myself.  That drink turned into several drinks and I ended up with one killer headache and a valuable lesson learned.  ...more

Songs I'm Loving This Week

In my weekly post on Music, I go over my favorite songs that I'm rocking out to during my workouts.  This week, I went trolling for new music from Dragonette and Jamie xx, both who have been featured in past weeks. ...more

The Voices in My Head

I'm of one body, but multiple minds.  There's the Good Amanda, and the Bad Amanda, Crazy Amanda, Runner Amanda, Accountant Amanda, Blogger Amanda, Daughter Amanda, Cheeseburger Eating Amanda, and Tofu-Loving Amanda.   My latest blog post on Amanda Runs New York shares the tale of how Bad Amanda tried to get  Good Amanda skip her long run and just drink wine and eat cheeseburgers.  Does Good always prevail over Evil?...more

I Don't Feel Bad About Making Me a Priority

As an accountant, my winters can be extremely stressful at the office.  Long, late hours, take out meals in front of the computer, and a growing task list drain my energy and leave me feeling like a zombie.  Through trial and error, I have found a way to deal with my work stress and not completely lose my mind.  On Amanda Runs New York, I talk about how I figured out to handle my stress by working a little bit less....more