Putting Limits on God During Infertility

The following is a guest post written by my husband, Tom. He wrote this during the two week wait after our most recent IVF cycle. Honestly, I struggled a long time with whether or not to share it. It’s easy to post thoughts on how God can do amazing things after a successful cycle. Would I still have posted it if we’d received a BFN? I don’t know....more

Ruth's Infertility Story

Each week I interview someone who has been through infertility.  This week, I’m happy to be chatting with Ruth from The One in Eight.  I hope you enjoy her interview and check out her new blog! Q. Tell us a little about yourself....more

Emily's Infertility Story

Each week I interview someone who has experienced infertility firsthand. Today I’m chatting with Emily from Queen of the Wilson Household.  I saw her post, How Infertility Changed Me, on someone else’s link-up and I knew she’d be perfect for an interview. I’m so glad she agreed to share her story with you today....more

God is Not Surprised By My Infertility

I was surprised by infertility.I remember a conversation I had with my husband shortly before I went off birth control.Tom: “I bet we’ll get pregnant super-quick.”Me: “Yeah, me too!”Looking back now, I laugh at how naive we were. Our infertility definitely took us by surprise, but not God. He knew it was coming. I’m not saying I believe He caused it. But he knew....more

Choose Joy Event 2015 Recap

This past weekend I was privileged to take part in the Choose Joy Event in Southern California. This was my first time attending the event, and I can say with confidence that it will not be my last. ...more

Starting an Infertility Support Group at Church

Each week I interview someone who has experienced infertility firsthand.  You may remember Lesli Westfall, founder of Dancing Upon Barren Land, from her first interview where she shared her story.  Today she’s giving us some advice on starting a church-based infertility support group.  Enjoy!...more

The Results of Our 3rd IVF Cycle

The past 10 days have been a mixture of anxiety and joy, fear and hope.  I wasn’t quite sure when or how I should write this post.On Wednesday, March 25th I had my first beta. It came back at 67, but I didn’t find that out until I went in for my second beta on Friday. That one came back at 207. On Sunday, it had increased to the upper 500s. Our fourth and final beta last Tuesday came back at 1183....more
MaliNZ Thank you so much!more

9 Encouraging Blog Posts to Read During Infertility

Every three months I post a list of my favorite blog posts from the last quarter.  This quarter, I focused on posts that will hopefully encourage you in your faith as you wait and hope.  Enjoy! Best Post to Read If a Major Birthday is Making Infertility Harder...more

And Then There Were 8 (IVF Update)

Last week I posted about the miraculous news we got at our embryo transfer.  A few days later, we got even more good news.  In addition to the two embryos we froze on the day of the transfer, our RE was able to culture out and freeze 6 more!!  That means we have a total of 8 frozen embryos....more