little birds, out on my doorstep

This is our quaint little house.  Our quaint little house that we've toiled over the past nearly three years. Scraping, painting, demolishing, replacing, sweeping, cleaning ....more

happy mothres day!

So much of the good that I have in my life comes from my own mother and the countless women who have perhaps, unknowingly, been a model for kindness, patience and grace. For as much humor as I find in cards such as this one.. ....more

my fourth little duck

This afternoon, I took Henry to his Kindergarten orientation. All of the teachers and staff knew him as the triplet's little brother and gave him a royal welcome when he arrived. We had the opportunity to go for a ride on the school bus .. ....more

I suspect ... this isn't going to get easier anytime soon

Last night, we attended our neighbor's annual crawfish party.  It's quite an ordeal. They ship up from Louisiana nearly 150 pounds worth of live crawfish, that they boil in batches (with artichokes, garlic, sausage, brussel sprouts, potatoes and shrimp) and serve throughout the day.  Once a batch is ready, the crawfish are poured out on tables for people to enjoy.  The party spans from 2 PM until whenever people go home and it is an incredibly well orchestrated event ....more

the gift of children

For the past two consecutive weeks, Charlie has been flying back and forth to California on business. Last week, he left on Wednesday morning and returned on Friday night. This week, he left on Wednesday morning and will return on Saturday night.  Whenever he leaves, I always feel a mix of excitement that I get to spend time home alone with the children ... and a mix of dread that I get to spend time home alone with the children ...more

yard work

Whenever Charlie goes out to the cut the lawn, the kids will always follow him.Around and around the front yard - and up and down the back yard they'll go. ...more

now available in hard back!

A few days after I'd opened all of my wonderful birthday presents, I came home to see that the postman had left a package on our doorstep which was addressed to Charlie. So I brought the package in and showed it to Charlie and he swiftly went in to another room and opened it before coming out with something behind his back.  Then he presented to me one of the best birthday presents I've ever received... My very own book! ...more

flowers for his honey

Henry brought me home some flowers earlier this week ....more

on entering in to the 43rd year of life

Tonight, I hope to sit down and finally finish a post that I'd started three days ago, recapping my birthday weekend. Considering we had babysitters two nights in a row, which is completely unprecedented for us, you might imagine the caliber of fun that we'd enjoyed ....more

things that are awesome

Tonight is the eve of my birthday.Tomorrow, nay, in five minutes ... I'll turn 42-years old.At this point in my life, I can say that without question: Life is wonderful. Life is beautiful. Life is perfect.  Especially when you look at it through the right set of lenses ....more