More BlogHer '09 wrap-up thoughts

During the last panel timeslot on Friday, I spent about half the time in the speakers’ lounge, and then after a few “where are you / no where are YOU” Twitter direct messages between me and Heidi Miller, I went up to the 7th floor and met her on the super-secret sun deck. The weather was perfect – low 80s, sunny but not too bright, slight breeze. And a view of the river. Just gorgeous. We lounged there for about an hour and it was so relaxing. We had a friendly debate (yes, there is such a thing!) about types ...more

I am trying to remember the number of times I said that I was "just" a personal ...more

Part of my BlogHer '09 wrap-up series

Lifted from my super secret (har har) new blog...   ~*~ ...more

Sex 2.0, v2 - success!

If you follow my tweets, you already know that Sex 2.0 was a blast. I'm going to do a proper recap post as soon as I get a free minute or thirty. In the meantime, here are some photos: ...more

Thoughts on Sex 2.0 past, present, and future

I can hardly believe that Sex 2.0 is less than two weeks away. I’m looking forward to plotting and scheming - I mean, catching up - with farflung friends, some of whom I’ve known for years and some of whom I met for the first time IRL at last year’s Sex 2.0. I’m also excited to finally meet some of my other internet nerd-crushes; Monica Shores, Nikol Hasler, Sarah Dopp, Maria Diaz, just to name a few. ...more

BlogHer Atlanta thoughts

As you've seen if you read my Twitter tweets, a few days ago BlogHer Atlanta, along with the three other Southern locations of the BlogHer Reach Out tour (Greensboro, Nashville, New Orleans) has been canceled. :( :( :( (I guess this means I don't have to worry about writing that other post where I talk about how I found people's reactions to my panel announcement to be weird and hurtful!) ...more

Now as for things that I feel passionately about…

Briefly, because I have to wrap a few things up before I leave the office and head home to get ready for pole dancing class... which is particularly timely given some of the links I'm about to provide. ...more

Call to action: Enough is Enough, the Law Applies to Everyone!

This is what needs to be stopped. Call to action, please redistribute widely. The Stop Porn Culture Slide Show Training Program includes a script, tips for conducting the session; it also includes the power Point Visual presentation, which contains pornographic material. They are saying that this slide show falls under the preview of Fair Use. ...more

Sex 2.0 is next weekend!

What is Sex 2.0? ...more

Interesting subject !


Amaya (koon)
TODAS :: La bitacora para ellas :: The ...more

Why I quit Download Squad

You're probably thinking, "But Amber, you had just started there!" Yeah, I did - in January. And two months later, I'm quitting. All my posts are here, but there won't be any more coming. The comments in my last post spiraled out of control, quickly. Right now it's up to 92 comments (but for the past twenty or so it's been the same two guys beating their chests at each other). From the beginning, I probably should've created a Gmail filter to automatically delete comment notifications (which I did later), but I didn't want to miss any good comments. Then the attacks started pouring in. ...more

Bah, I just posted to 'you' there. :sigh:

Anyway, I won't bother to check in there now ...more