What Parents Need To Know About The New Flu Vaccine

Scientists have made some great strides in creating vaccines for the 2013-2014 flu season.  They are putting great effort into making the vaccine more effective with fewer allergy restrictions.  And no wonder....more
I received a flu shot last Thursday night, well more like early Friday morning (Sept 6th), at a ...more

7 Things I've Learned After Two Months Of Blogging

 It’s that time again – time to talk about the things I’ve learned while blogging.  But this time I’ve been blogging for two whole months!  Can you believe it?  I wouldn't say that I know twice as much now, but I’m learning things every day.  Here are four things that I've learned, and three things that I found that I still need to learn.    ...more

6 Signs That You're An Introverted Mom

Being a mom is definitely a social activity.  Not only are you being talked to by your kids all day, but there are also playdates, doctor appointments, school days, activities, outings, family gatherings, birthday parties…the list goes on....more