My Love Hate Relationship With My Natural Hair

I have this love hate relationship with my natural hair. Overall, I think she's ungrateful....more

Why I Don't Care About Fashion Labels

Disclaimer: Hubs just bought me a fabulous Michael Kors bag for Christmas:) Gifts don’t apply to this thought…...more

What To Do When No One Notices You

A lot of how we feel about ourselves has to do with how others feel about us. The verbal expressions of those feelings help shape our own self-image and self-esteem....more

"Excuse Me, Are You Ethiopian?" and Other Backhanded Compliments

"Are you Ethiopian?"The cashier at Trader Joe's asked me this at check out after inquiring if I had a name for my frohawk. I responded,"No, why?"He replied,"Your look and your hair."...more
Oh you will get used to biggie....just life.more

This is Why Women Wear High Heels

High heels do something for women. Something that men, despite their admiration or disdain for the extra height, just can't seem to understand. Why women wear high heels is not just physical, it's psychological. Emotional, even. We could care less about the potential long-term damage to our posture, back, legs or the curb appeal of our toes. The higher the better....more

Natural Hair Influencers: Can You Admit Yours?

My husband convinced me to go natural. There. I said it. Over the past year and a half, he's given me the confidence to walk around with my ... well ... natural naps. It's fair to say that he was a major influence in my decision to expose my texture....more

The Best Man Holiday Fashion Recap

10 words:Can. I. Look. Like. Nia. Long. When. I. Grow. Up?I saw The Best Man Holiday this past weekend with the hubby and a few friends. The movie was ... just ... FABULOUS!  After 14 years, it was definitely worth the wait to see the original cast back together again and lookin' GOOOOOOOD! For these actors to be over a decade older, I venture to say that they looked better than they did in the first movie, and that overall, the plot and character development was more captivating in the sequel....more

Fashion Friday: Masculine Watches for Women

Hey fashionistas!This week, I'm inspired by watches. And not just any kind. And definitely not the girly kind. I'm inspired by the clunky, ultra-masculine, void-of-glitter-and-jewels,  men's style watches ... but for women. If your style is a bit street like mine, and you prefer an accessory surprise over an expected feminine piece, you can feel me on this one. Below are a few to inspire you.Gold Fashion Watches...more

Hair Psychology: The Natural Hair Movement

Ever sat at a table with a bunch of naturalistas? I'm talking heads full of coconut-coated twists, colorful coils, bantus, braids, dreadlocks and frohawks (my signature)? If you have, then you know that dinnertime conversation can easily turn into a collective dissertation on hair products, chemistry, dating, self-esteem, sleep rituals, and even child-rearing - all centered around natural hair. I recently sat down with six curly girls over dinner and experienced the extent of such conversation....more

Black Girls Rock 2013: Highlights & Inspiring Words

If you  weren't watching Black Girls Rock Sunday night, you missed an emotionally-empowering treat. If you were watching, you rock! Without question, the movement that Beverly Bond started in 2006 has gained tremendous traction. In case you're unaware, BLACK GIRLS ROCK! Inc. is a non-profit youth empowerment and mentoring organization established to promote the arts for young women of color, as well as to encourage dialogue and analysis of the ways women of color are portrayed in the media.I'm all for that!...more