The Fastest Way To Optimize Body, Mind, and Life- Giveaway Inside!

Check out my latest article, expert video interview and giveaway for plant based athletes and super humans! ZuckswertEpicself.comTweet: @epicself...more

Escape To Shape: Pilates, Yoga, Surf Retreat in Paradise

Wow it’s been a crazy month! I’ve been busy as a bumble bee traveling, teaching, dancing and creating. Apologies for lack of consistency in my posts, but today I am proud to unveil one of my latest top secret projects. A pilates, yoga, surf retreat!...more

How To Build A Cat Like Spine Of Steal

I could chat all day about the importance of building AND maintaining perfect posture. Increased self confidence, breath capacity, digestive ease, core strength (flat abs!) and stress/tension relief are just a few of the reasons we all want to build flexible cat like spines of steel....more

How To Ween Yourself Off Coffee

The jury is still out on coffee. Is it packed full of superhuman antioxidants? Check. Does it make you more alert? Check. Is it a society based ritual? Check. For most people that’s enough information. They are happy downing six Venti lattes throughout the workday. While science continues to chase it’s tail about whether their are significant health risks to drinking coffee, the vast majority of peeps drink on average 3 cups of the bean a day. All in moderation right? I was a typical sheep until I started paying true attention to how I felt ...more

Hey Everyone! Health/Wellness Blogger here..excited to read all of your wonderful work!

To all you fabulous women...I am happy to be apart of this network. I am so looking forward to reading all of your content and building networks with you. My current blog baby is where I write about everything from meditation, nutrition, fitness, pilates, yoga, feng shui and green living. Hope you are having a fantastic day and look forward to hearing your comments on my work. Cheers! ...more

How To Shatter Poor Body Image Through Awareness

It’s 7am. You sit blurry eyed on the edge of the bed clicking off your fog horn phone alarm. You stumble to the bathroom and flip the switch. Bam…there you are. Your reflection in the mirror. It begins…”wow look at those hair is horrendous…must stop using pore clogging moisturizer, look at this zit!…” Undressing to climb in the shower brings another slew of endless thoughts, “damn I need to hit the gym look at this cellulite…my butt is way too flat…” After a quick shower and more ruminating over what to wear…”cant wear those jeans because ...more