Norway based bloggers...

I am looking for Norway based bloggers interested in doing product reviews... Something you might be interested in? please email me your contact info.. or leave a comment! ...more

A tree in the park ...

The words are not mine... I have a fantastic friend who will write about pictures I lay out ... Makes my heart smile .. Thank you! A Tree in a Park A mother’s role Is that of a large oak To stand tall Sturdy in the storm Provide shelter from a spring rain And shade from a summer sun. But like a maple Mothers must always remain sturdy Grow deep roots For a solid foundation From which her family ...more

Charles Bridge- Prague 265-89

march 30 Charles Bridge...  I could have hung out here all day... ...more

The greatest revenge is HAPPINESS..... 365-88

march 29 The best thing we could have done..  was to pack up the car & get out of town.. & that is what we did... The greatest revenge is HAPPINESS.. and we were determined to have a FANTASTIC time.. no way I was going to let - some mean.. turd.. ruin our time.. NO WAY... I traveled to Prague as a backpacking college student.. and LOVED the city.. I couldn't wait to bring my ...more

Hello Prague! Here we come 365-87

march 28 Hello PRAGUE... here we come.. Thank goodness my children are 1/2 TEXAN.. and are used to CRAZY,LONG ROAD TRIPS! (as a child... it used to take us a good 12 hours just to get out of Texas..) could gobble this little one up...  L O V E.. after 16 hours.. (with an overnight in Denmark.. 1/2 way) we arrived.. Hilton - Prague..  ...more

Dr's A-OK .... 365-86

march 27 After Dane was attacked.. I was pretty sure that our Easter vacation was RUINED.. thanks a lot - you big jerk. bully.. but after a weekend of being in the dumps.. I decided to just screw it. if the Dr. thought it OK.. we would load the kids in the car & head somewhere FANTASTIC. Dr. said Dane'sleg was healing nicely... & we should enjoy the Easter holiday.. :-) ...more

365-85 moon..beautiful moon...

march 26 Bet y'all though I had given up on the ol' 365 didn't ya? nope... I have been taking a picture EVERY DAY.. (pinky promise) I just haven't been very good about posting. Life getting in the way - don't cha know  ...more

Shoes by the front door...

Shoes By the Door Amid the mess And the stress The calls and the shows I'm reminded Lord Despite it all I'm truly blessed So for evermore Dear Lord This shall be my prayer To be loved And for kids shoes to be lined up Aside the front door. ...more

"Moon Rise" 365-84

for those of y'all who follow me.. you know I am a bit obsessed with the sky... I love a good sunrise /sunset.. what I haven't done before is look on the OTHER side of our house... one one side the sun is setting on the other.. the moon rising. PRETTY DARN COOL. amazing what you can see when you open your eyes... When I was flying to the US in Feb.. I noticed a sunrise on one ...more

Here comes the sun... 365-83

march 24 After spending the weekend walking around in an upset HAZE... the sun came out..  and I started to feel better... both kids had friends spend the night.. so the house was full of love & laughter.. the sun was out.. and it was the first morning of the year I was able to sit out on my deck and enjoy my morning coffee.. in my tempur pedic slippers... ( I know they aren't ...more