April Fool's, A Bully's Dream

Ah, April 1st, the day for jokes, pranks, laughs,…humiliation, anxiety, and tears. Let’s face it, April Fool’s Day is a bully’s dream and a victim’s nightmare....more
Amen and amen - I hate April Fool's day for this exact reason. Well said.more

Women's Rights are Always an Issue.

I don't usually discuss politics outside of my home. I don't engage in political discussion on someone else's Facebook page, and in fact I try not to write about it on my own page because it's too easy for people to say things on Facebook that they wouldn't say in person. Politics, like religion, are just too controversial. No one will change their viewpoints until life forces them to do so. We all have different life experiences that guide us towards what we feel is right, and it's just not worth trying to change someone's values. And, with some people, it's just not worth the argument, so I usually just let it go and avoid the controversy.But, sometimes, our very worth can be lost by not standing up for what we believe....more

Turn and Face The Change

There comes a time, ♪there comes a time when we heed a certain call, when the world must come together as one♪ Okay, sorry, got that out. There comes a time for everyone when we are just not happy with the way things are going. It may be in our personal lives, or our careers, but it happens to everyone. The question is always: Is it bad enough to make a change? or is it just something that will change on its own, if you ride it out? Many people continue with things going the way they are for various reasons. They may be afraid of change, they may just be comfortable with the way things are, or they may not feel they have any other options, but whatever the reason, there is no doubt that making significant changes in our lives is difficult.To complicate things more, some changes still seem to come with a certain stigma attached to them, because our society says "it is not the norm," and people are embarrassed that they will be judged and looked down upon. Some examples: Filing Bankruptcy, allowing your home/car to be foreclosed/repossessed, quitting your job without another one lined up, getting a divorce, etc... ...more

Do you know everything your kids are doing online?

Have you heard about Formspring.me? I heard about it on a recent visit to some more, shall we say...um...adult blogs? Yup, I look at em! What can I say? I'm a mom, I'm not dead, and it's just sex. ♪Let's talk about sex, baby, let's talk about you and me♪ (Salt & Pepa)Anyway, so, I heard about formspring.me and thought I'd check it out....more

College?! Already?!

Yesterday, was our first College Fair. #1 was excited about going, and got a lot of good information. #2, reluctantly,went with us, though it was only in hopes of getting some food, because she clearly didn't want to be there, and made no effort to hide her feelings about it. The phrase of the day: "This is dumb, I'm hungry, can we go now?"   ...more


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~Denise ...more