Won the Grand Prize

For the first time since I became an attorney, I attended a “mixer.”  This was a Christmas event sponsored by my law school.  I have to admit that I had a really good time, even if I did win the grand prize. ...more


So that’s how it was going (and has gone ever since) after I had my paradigm shift.  Maybe God has always been in control, but it wasn’t until I lost everything that I realized that He was the Boss. ...more

Suckered Again

I was suckered again.  This has happened to me on more than one occasion.  I hate attorneys, sometimes.Last week, an attorney friend of mine asked me to make an appearance on a case for him (which was today).  He said that although the hearing was scheduled for a trial on an Order to Show Cause and a permanent restraining order, that it would be continued because two witnesses were unavailable.  I merely had to show up and ask for a continuance....more

Oh Lord won't you buy me a new Chevrolet

I had lost everything that would help a new attorney to be successful.Imagine me in my office, sitting back in my chair, drumming my fingers on the desktop, waiting for the phone to ring, and not really caring whether it does or not.Of course HOPING it rings and the phone ringing are two different things.  I was pretty sure it wouldn’t ring since I didn’t have any advertising out in the world that people would find and feel motivated thereby to call me....more

From Bad to Better: Time Like These

So what do you worry about?  What if you didn’t have to worry any more?  What if there was a game you could play with your existence that led to fun and excitement (or at least novelty) rather than being down-trodden with your worries and anxieties?That is what happened to me after I had my paradigm shift and stopped worrying.  I stopped worrying and started having fun....more
Looking forward to the next post.more

Nothing to see here. Still sick.

I'm still not up to doing anything that requires brain activity.  I have the ability to check in on Facebook, and I've been watching old Cheers episodes, but that's about it.  This morning, when I woke up, I went to see my second oldest daughter's new apartment and then I took the dog to the dog park.  An hour after we hit the dog park, I was back in bed, immobile.  ...more


(Still sick so can't post a finish to the blog post from last night.)I don't have any friends.  I am pretty sure that it's because I have Asperger's, which means I don't understand social cues, which means that I'm not going to be able to navigate a normal social event that might result in making friends.  There might be other reasons.  The Captain (my husband) thinks that because I'm attractive AND a lawyer, other women might be envious and/or intimidated, and that would create an impediment to a friendship....more

Sick and Dying

When one has ADHD, one doesn’t experience being sick like normal people experience it.  ADHD people, “as if driven by a motor,”  keep on going like the Energizer bunny rabbit.  At least, that’s how me and my ADHD kids handle being sick. ...more

More Bad

I’m not in the mood to reminisce tonight like I was last night.  I’m tired and grouchy and I’ve caught a cold from my youngest granddaughter, but I said I would come back and finish writing about what happened to me on the way to where I am.  And on top of it, it’s the last day of NaBloPoMo so I have to write something.  ...more

The Bad Part

In an earlier blog post I wrote that I would someday write about what has happened to me on the way to being where I am now since becoming an attorney, and I feel like doing that tonight.  I’m in the mood to reminisce. ...more