Profile: Maria Pinto, Designer & Artist

By Anne-Marie Kovacs, Chief Wife...more

Missoni for Target: Great marketing or a Missed Opportunity?

As originally written for Brick Meets Click,  a community of retail experts that shares ideas and insights about the future of shopping. Here’s one for the case studies’ repertoire.The Setting:Missoni, the legendary Italian design house created a 400 piece downmarket collection for mass retailer Target....more

Shop Local: Choose Main Street


Fun Facts About IKEA

By Audrey van Petegem, Senior Editor...more

True retail therapy, isn't it. That, plus the meatball lunch!

Anne-Marie Kovacs


Bloggers Unite for the “Burden of Thirst”

BloggersUnite, in conjunction with WaterAidAmerica and ...more

Eat Local

  Whenever I can, I choose to shop independent businesses....more

Hi NW! Thanks for sharing your blog. You have some fantastic recipes there.

Yes, I think ...more

Succulent Wife Approved Recipe Websites

In the unlikely event that this has not already been obviously implied, please know that we, succulent wives, love, love, love food. And drink. And it would appear that we have been on a food rant lately. Perhaps it’s the approaching cocooning season that is prompting us to consider more cozy, comforting pleasures…?...more

Let's End the FAT Talk

My issues concerning my body size and all its various flaws? They have haunted me for years and have been the cause of sooooo much wasted energy. I look back on the photos of me in my mid-twenties when I thought then that I was “fat” (a size 4-6). What was I thinking? Why-o-why did I spend a single second torturing myself with those thoughts. And torture I did....more

I have signed up to the promise! I love being curvy and not being stick ...more

Terra Plana Shoes: Eco-Friendly AND Stylish

Terra Plana was founded by the sons of the Clarks footwear chain. They make footwear from recycled car tires, old army blankets, car seats and other recycled materials. Inspired by ecological survival, Terra Plana believes in a variety of non-generic products and sustainable strategies. Their shoes are designed so that they can be kept for life. “Reparability, lightness, anatomic design, and durability are all staples of sustainable shoe making”. All that AND style too! ...more

I ask because I know at least one more