What The Snow Queen Can Teach About Depression

I've been meaning to read this fairy tale for years, and I'm so glad I finally did. It's beautiful, and it's such a perfect illustration of everything it takes to overcome mental illness that I really have to share. (Pause: yes, this is the Hans Christian Andersen story they took as their inspiration for Frozen, but the two bear only a passing resemblance....more

I Am A Rock: My New Job In The Family

My Thirties Body Image

I have been thirty-years-old for almost exactly a month (October 12th) and my body image has taken a hit; I've started looking more closely at my face, and my skin, which has always been a point of pride for me. Turning 30 and seeing signs of that is not what has me upset, though. I'm upset, because I got on the scale, and I found out that I weigh too little....more
I am a disaster in the kitchen, so I understand this. It is not completely unusual for me to go ...more

Unstuck and Working: Anchors of Calm

In the past week, I have taught two HypnoBirthing classes. There's a switch in my head that flips, when I have agreed to help a family, and I take my meds, get in my car, and I... show up. Always. I've never missed a class. Business hasn't exactly been booming, but when I commit, I show....more

6 Tips To Find A Fab Babysitter Online

Last year, we found an amazing babysitter. Our schedules meshed; our kid loved her. We had a harder time making our schedules work together this fall, because she's a student and a mom, herself, but we finally worked it out! Everyone is thrilled that she's back. Walt has a special happy "I'm ready to play so hard" look in his eyes when she comes over. And I get time to write!...more

What Can't I Blog About?

To paraphrase The Bloggess, "I have no filter, but I do have boundaries." Every time something big happens, my fingers itch to type it up here. I got so used to sharing everything, here, when the biggest things that were happening were related to getting pregnant and being pregnant, that maybe I just think of this space as a place to hold all my emotional burdens. I get more support than trolling, so when I want to lighten that load, I come here. Except... ...more

Why Lullabies Calm Babies and Parents

While we were moving and closer to his first birthday, Walt had a really hard time getting to sleep, and I found myself singing a lot. I also found that I had no idea how much time had gone by, when I came out of that dark bedroom. It took me a little while to figure out why this feeling was really familiar, but I figured it out while finishing my HypnoBirthing paperwork--it's a lot like self hypnosis....more

The Proud Welfare Mom: The Basics

I've realized a few things about a series of posts I call the Proud Welfare Mom posts: one, I have had a blind spot that needs to be addressed, now that I can see what's back there, and two, I need to articulate what these posts are supposed to be for. ...more

But I AM a Mother

My family is waiting for our baby in the limbo known as Trying To Conceive. But I am a mother, already. I always knew that I would make a good mother, eventually. In the last ten days, however, I have discovered that “eventually” is now--pregnant or not pregnant, I am a mother....more
@standshadows I'm glad you like it. It's my entry for the BlogHer Ricki Lake contest. I hope ...more