please help

Hi Dear FriendsMe and my husband have resigned from our jobs.We are from Pakistan.We want to go abroad as soon as possible n do PhDs.We are facing funding problems.can any body please suggest a good charity organisation.I have sent lots of Emails but nobody has replied.regardsAmna...more

standing in the middle accompnied by Mist ....

Dear FriendsI am very down now a days.Any body who knows about mental health please assist me.I resigned from my job as soon as i got married.I had worked a lot to get that job.My mom was on her death bed and she would always ask me to not to attend her but to study only.On the prayer mat in the hospital, I would always sit and study.I could never sleep as the compitition was very high.Any ways I got married.I got a lot of love from my husband and in return he asked me to resign....more


hello everybodyamna qazi...more