Zucchini Muffins: A Veggie and A Treat

I’m not fond of the heat of summer, but I do like many of the fruits and veggies that are produced from the warmer weather. I’m especially fond of zucchini. It’s such a versatile vegetable – and it’s easy to hide in other foods for picky kids ....more

Planning Our Dining for the WDW Princess Half Weekend

When it comes to Disney, we’re planners. Due to how quickly runDisney events sell out, we signed up for our races within 15 minutes of registration opening, which meant we knew in mid-July that we’d be going back to Walt Disney World for the Princess Half Marathon weekend in late February. Which then started us down the path of planning our full trip: how many days would we stay, which parks would we go to on each day, and several other choices to make ....more

CCS Transportation Department Twitter Abuse

I mentioned that last week was a bumpy start to the new school year, but at the time of writing that, I had no idea what would happen the remainder of the day. Right after I hit the Publish button on Friday, the school called. I learned that Cordy had been having a very rough day, eventually landing herself in the principal’s office ....more

A Bumpy Start to School

School started on Wednesday, but it hasn’t been as smooth as I’d hoped it would be. Honestly, this has probably been one of the hardest back-to-school weeks we’ve endured. The week started with me getting what I thought was a small cold ....more

Back To School Time!

We’re now less than a week away from school starting, which has everyone in this house excited. Yes, even the kids. Summer camps are over, and this week they’ve been tortured with having to entertain themselves most days while I work ....more

Review: Guardians of the Galaxy – Bring the Kids?

It’s no secret that we’ve loved just about every Marvel movie that has been released in the last several years. We’re a family of geeks, and Marvel and Disney are two of our favorite fandoms. (Along with Doctor Who, the Whedonverse and a few others, of course.) But when Guardians of the Galaxy was announced, my first reaction was, “What’s that?” Aaron, far geekier in all things comics, had to explain the storyline to me ....more

On Ten Years of BlogHer and Blogging

I just got home from BlogHer ’14 in San Jose, California, which was the 10th anniversary of the BlogHer conference. Ten years – that’s like at least 30 in internet years. Maybe 50 ....more

Finding My Motivation with runDisney

My motivation for staying in shape has been lacking so far this summer. I was hoping that the longer days and relaxed schedule would result in finding more time to work out, but it hasn’t happened so far. Being sick the first part of June didn’t help, but after I’d recovered I still didn’t feel like going for a run or doing any strength training ....more

A Super Fourth

I love three-day weekends, even if they seem to go by as quickly as the standard two-day weekends. We didn’t have a lot planned for the weekend, which made it even more relaxing. Thursday night was Red, White & Boom in Columbus ....more

That Time We Visited Metropolis, Illinois for Superman

It’s been awhile, hasn’t it? Ever have those times when you have a lot going on, and your head is just full of things to say, but you have no ability to get it all out? That’s been most of June for me ....more