Free Range Kids, & why my I'm not gonna leave my 3 year old at the park


As of this past year, I let my 10yo explore (always with a buddy) the woods behind our property ...more

It's Just a Cupcake: Only Store-Bought Treats in Schools?

Here are my daughter Marti Pearl's cupcakes. Twenty-four strawberry-on-strawberry with rainbow sprinkles, a job my very precious nearly-three-year-old took quite seriously, sprinkling three or four at a time, which left her adorable little hands color-speckled and sticky. She loves to bake, so much so that she asks to make cookies or cupcakes every. single. night. And she's great at it! For a child her age, she has an amazing understanding of what it takes to make the food we eat, and I'm so proud of that. ...more
Aunt MO I was on a special diet as a kid so I got my own treat my mom made when kids got treats. ...more