A Letter To My 18 Year-Old Self: An Apology

 Dear 18-year-old-Theresa,-Your hair is awful. Please stop perming and dyeing your hair. Please.Seriously...-Wear. Your. Retainer....more

This is Rape Culture

Screen Shot: Wikipedia...more
JennWFox thanks so much for the RT and sharing this! :)more

Working with Social Inequality-Bringing the Classroom to the Streets

As some of you know, I am working on my Master of Public Health, with a focus on social inequities in health. Basically, this is exploring why and how some groups of people are doing worse than everyone else. For the most part, the men, the rich, the heterosexuals, the educated, the people who are not challenged by their abilities, and the Caucasians are doing better....more

Plastic Surgery Apps for Kids: Fat-Shaming-App-Gate.

**Update 1**iTunes & Google Play have removed the Plastic Surgery for Barbara app!!!...more
Denise I know, terrible. I forwarded a copy of the letter to iTunes and ask them to please try ...more

An open letter to Grand River Toys

Dear Grand River Toys,...more

Dear GoldieBlox: We need to BLOW UP the pink aisle, not disrupt it...

Gold is the new pink? And this breaks down stereotypes about girls how??...more

Is your traditional marriage ruining your chance for equality?

Photo Credit: Salvatore VuonoFirst, quick poll. What kind of marriage/relationship do you have?1. Traditional (one of you works, one stays at home)2. Modern (both work)...more

Some thoughts on Slutoween

**Are costumes like this slutty?** ...more

Sexist toddler t-shirts at Walmart. Ugh...

Saw these shirts at Walmart today in the toddler section.No doubt a play on the new royal prince George and the Walmart brand, which as luck would have it, is called George....more

How I lost a friend over a shampoo bottle...

This is a story of how I lost a friend, over a shampoo bottle...******************************I have gotten to a point in my life where I cannot just ignore blatant or even mild #everydaysexism or gender stereotypes. For me, not saying anything or not drawing attention to sexism/genderism, is the same as supporting it. I cannot knowingly participate anymore. Ever. Not even the shampoo bottles are safe......more
@CupcakesAndHoodies Thanks, that means a lot. Words do have power, I think people forget that ...more