She's Just Not That Into You!

Two text messages, four emails, and one phone call in the past 9 days.  And I have ignored them all.  If you were the guy making these attempts at contact, how many times would you need to be blown off before you finally realized I'm not interested in you?! ...more

Love Me, Love My Scar

Remember my monkey bite? ...more

No Pay? No Way!

Here I go again on the conventions of dating in modern times. Is the whole "the guy should NOT let the girl pay on a first date" mentality now antiquated? Or is it influenced by geographic or cultural origins? I've never run into this issue before I lived in New York, but now all of a sudden I'm confused. I've been on dates with lots of very different guys since I moved here, and some have adamantly refused to let me pay when the ...more

Some time during university,  I decided that whoever asks, ...more

Stories of Olympic Proportions

I have been searching for some inspiration the past several days, and a friend of mind so astutely reminded me to turn to the 2008 Olympics in Beijing. Duh! I've actually been keeping up with a good bit of the games this time, and rather than the Olympic feats themselves, what I've found to be the most fascinating are the human interest stories behind some of the participants. The drama, the love triangles, the betrayal, the humor, the ironies, the tales of triumph over tragedy... Here is just a sampling of what I mean: ...more

What's Target's Aim? Hint: It's Not the Satisfaction of Their Blogging Customers.

Nope, apparently it's women's crotches: And they're not afraid to show it, as the above ad is displayed as nothing less than a giant billboard in Times Square. But wait! It gets better. Target also does not seem to give a hoot about their customers who blog. ...more

Heath Ledger: A Great Artist Returns Home

Many of us are shocked and deeply saddened by the untimely death of the amazingly talented actor Heath Ledger. And understandably so, as the world has lost an artist of great integrity, depth, soul and pure creative genius. His departure is incomprehensible not only because it arrived at such a young age, but also as it rudely interrupted a flow of Divine creative energy that he so gracefully channeled into performance after soul-stirring performance. ...more

Little Things Mean a Lot

One thing I'm "anti" about when it comes to New Year's is making resolutions. Why bother? Most of the time we abandon them by February anyway. Besides, I'm into self-improvement year-round; I don't need a holiday to spur me on to make positive changes in my life. But I'm not a complete grump about this holiday, I promise. I'm still feeling the rush of energy that comes with a new start, which is merely propelling me forward on this wave I caught while taking The Artist's Way course. That class really jump-started my efforts in making little enhancements in my life all around. From ...more

My Take on New Year's

New Year's Eve is by far the most overrated holiday of all. ...more

Favorite Things 2007: Beauty Edition

When I started listing my "Great Finds of 2007," I noticed that the majority of the items on the list were beauty products. So, I decided that those particular finds deserve their own list: ...more

The Single Woman's Ultimate Declaration of Independence

Well, I finally went and did it. I've taken the plunge! ...more

I think your declaration of bling-dependence is AWESOME!! There's a certain gal in my close ...more