Surviving the Consequences of Being a Drinking Mom: I Don't Live with My Kids Anymore


The Great Toilet Paper Debate

Time OutThe debate that has raged on since Joseph Gayetty invented toilet paper in 1857: Over or Under?...more

My Mother's Daughter

  My mom and I do not share an “easy” relationship, but I wanted to tell her, “I love you; I am who I am because of you,” without the extra fluff that simply...isn't us. I wrote this after searching for hours and not finding a single Mother’s Day card for mother’s and daughters who don’t always get along like best friends, moms and daughters who don’t always see eye to eye....more

The Blogger, Self Promotion, Social Media and AA: For the Critics

his post just might stir the pot. I’m writing it both because and in spite of this, I think. Hopefully it will start an interesting discussion....more

Book Club Giveaway!

 UPDATE! I now have two hard-cover copies of Alive Again by Dr. Howard Samuels to give away to two lucky readers! Visit: www.soberandskinny/bookclub to enter!...more

How I Lost 100 lbs. in Fourteen Months

I have found the Secret to Skinny Pants,  fitting into...more

TIME OUT: Why Men Won't Ask for Directions

  I have developed a theory about why men won’t ask for directions and the more I think about it the more convinced I am that I’ve figured out the answer to this ancient riddle. We have all witnessed this behavior many times. Why won’t men ever admit they are lost? And once they are lost, why won’t they seek help in figuring out exactly where the hell it is that they have found themselves?...more

The 21 List: 21 Ways to Stay Sober and Sane

Some days the art of writing is a lot like trying to get blood from a stone. It just isn’t happening. So at the suggestion of a friend, for today’s post I am going to share my list. I’m a self-described “list-geek”. Which list am I going to share? My 21 List. That’s what I call it. Sort of a how-to live sober list.Amy Oathout, author...more

Convincing the Addict to Quit the Addiction

Thanks for this post. I have a loved one who struggles with addiction and know all too well what ...more

I love the blog, her message said. But I'm dying. Don't waste your time on me.

“Thank you for the blog. (I’m paraphrasing) I wish I had your strength. I weigh 78 lbs. and I am dying from anorexia. I don’t think I’m going to pull out of this last downhill spiral. But please don’t waste your time on me. I just wanted to tell you that your blog is helping as much as anything can right now. So thank you.” Wednesday evening. Sober Rants in Skinny Pants has been online for 3 days. I receive this message  from a woman I haven’t seen in years but have known almost my whole life. I’ll call her S . ...more