Anyone looking to sell their conference pass - let me know!

I missed the early bird pricing because I'm a dork.  So if there is someone out there whose plans have changed, let me know and I'll be happy to take your conference pass off your hands and reimburse you for it!  ...more

Losing It


Love don't live here no more


My friends are all a bunch of losers

Or at least they’re gonna be. ...more

I have a feeling you guys are all going to be successful! How could you not with a great ...more

Conference Agenda

Did I read somewhere that we are to print the conference agenda from the website?  Or did I dream that as I can think of nothing else but BlogHer this week?  I see the agenda under the Conference page, but is there a printable version somewhere I'm missing?  ...more

Whose round on the sides and high in the middle?

Looking for Ohio Bloggers.    I'll be there - I know Susan from Working Moms Against Guilt will be there and Christina from A Mommy Story.  Who else, who else? ...more