Five Surprising Things That You Can Transform With Paint

If you are a decorating blog junkie, an HGTV junkie or even just a... junk junkie, you know that paint is an affordable way to transform even the humblest rooms, furnishings and accessories. Maybe you've painted your walls, furniture or a picture frame or two. Even if you're a seasoned painter with a closet full of paint-splattered clothes and a spray-paint-trigger-finger-injury to prove it, here are five things that you may not have thought about painting: ...more
I just love watching and reading about DIYs and paint is one of my favorite things, it will ...more

Don't Make Your Decor Guaranteed Ugly

I was intrigued by this hand-lettered sign because it illustrates an interesting point. When I saw it, I couldn't help but think to myself, "What's worse: having a discolored lawn some of the time, or having an ugly sign up all of the time?" An ugly sign, I might add, that very explicitly describes IN CAPITAL LETTERS various forms of canine excrement, thereby symbolically installing said excrement (in verbal form) on the lawn ... permanently! ...more

I am guilty of 'guaranteed ugly' in our bedroom. I have two giant blankents hung over the ...more